An Ode to the Coast of Many Colours

Sally White, 07 March, 2017
After a recent trip to the Algarve in southern Portugal, Inntravel's Sally White could not help but 'wax lyrical' about her time there.... literally.

Welcoming smiles and friendly faces
A feeling of genuine warmth
Sun shining on cliffs and coves
And a bright blue sky

Sublime seafood and sweet pastries
A taste of the sea breeze
Indulging in smooth fine wines
And a picnic on the beach

Green hills and woodland walks
A stork’s nest perched on a cliff
Long sweeping sandy beaches
And the sparkle of the sea

Wildflowers familiar and exotic
A surprise – so many cork trees
Round the corner, cresting the hill
A view of the Atlantic

Beautiful breakfasts on a warm terrace
A cocktail as the sun goes down
Sleeping soundly in comfy beds
A sense of peace all around

Broccoli-shaped trees and sandy paths
A birdsong I don’t really know
Enjoying another wonderful walk
Along a coast of many colours

Sally White

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The Coast of Many Colours
Let your senses run wild while exploring the quiet side of the Algarve, walking from the south coast, through the rolling hills of the interior where traditional villages sit amid colourful flower-filled meadows, before reaching the dramatic Atlantic coast.
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