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The original 'Downward Dog'

Cathy Cooper, 12 January, 2018
It's hard to imagine a more scenic backdrop for an impromptu yoga session than the Nepalese Himalaya. And who better to help you perfect your 'Downward Dog' than the real thing?

Practicing yoga in the mountains can be very rewarding.

Laura and Wendy are performing a side stretch in front of Nanda Devi. This was up in the tented camp on the Saryu and Pindar Valley Trek a few years ago.

And here they are again up in Kholakarka last November whilst on the Sailung Valley trek. Only this time a big mountain dog joins them and asks them to do 'Down Dog'. After carefully inspecting each of them, he judges their pose is correct.

And as a reward he lets me and Laura give him a big hug.

A couple of days later we are back in Pasiban. It is such a gorgeous morning, that Laura decides to perfect her ‘Down Dog’ pose. But again, out of nowhere another mountain dog appears.

This time he demonstrates how it should be done properly. Such a good teacher.

And as a reward he lets us give him a big hug. We find out later that this dog is called Kaloo and belongs to Robin, manager of the village committee.

These mountain dogs in Nepal are all the same.
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