Journeys & touring holidays in the Italian Lakes

If you wish to discover some of Italy’s most inspiring landscapes, choose our self-guided touring holiday to Lombardy – location of the great Italian Lakes. With the freedom a hire car brings, visit beautiful gardens and splendid waterfront villas, using our detailed route notes as your guide.
Journeys & Touring Holidays in the Italian lakes
Journeys & Touring Holidays in the Italian lakes

Journeys & touring holidays in the Italian Lakes –

a dramatic fusion of mountains and water
Beyond the drama of their setting, the splendour of their gardens and the hidden charms of their islands, the Italian Lakes are more than the mere sum of their parts. They feed the souls of poets, the canvases of artists, the pages of writers and the imaginations of all who visit them. Choose our Italian Lakes touring holiday to experience these inspiring landscapes for yourself, journeying by car and staying in a selection of magnificent lakeside hotels.

Our touring holiday in the Italian Lakes


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There are three key ingredients which are common to all Inntravel holidays, including our touring holiday in the Italian Lakes: inspiring landscapes; high-quality hotels, chosen for their magnificent locations; and wonderful cuisine – in this case, featuring delicious, fresh lake fish.

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