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Top 10 rooms with a view

Top 10 rooms with a view    

Top 10 Rooms with a View
Some might say it’s the quality of the bed and the bathroom that make a good hotel bedroom, others the décor or the size.

However, these factors often pale into insignificance if you’ve a great view from the window. Here are our Top 10 Rooms with a View.

Casal de Loivos, Douro Valley, portugal
Douro Valley
So magnificent is the view from this 500-year-old manor house (featured on the Valley of Gold walk) that the BBC ranked it one of the six best in the world. All the bedrooms open onto the terrace so that they can enjoy the wide panorama of the River Douro, which snakes between hills coated in immaculate rows of vines and olive trees.
Grand Hotel, Jura, Switzerland
If the wonderful Panoramas of the Jura walk doesn’t leave you wanting to explore deeper into the Alps on your next holiday, then the view from this hotel, the last on the holiday, certainly will. From your balcony the views stretch for miles across the plain to the Mont Blanc Massif beyond. Delicious as the food is, you probably won’t want to linger too long over dinner so that you can return to your room and watch Mont Blanc glow pink under the setting sun.
Can Xiquet, Catalonia, Spain
Can Xiquet, Catalonia
Featuring on our From the Pyrenees to the Sea walk, this is a hotel of 4-star standard, with views to match. At night, the vista from your huge bedroom window is spectacular enough, with lights twinkling around the Bay of Roses in the distance. In daylight, however, the view is magnificent, with vineyards climbing up the slopes towards France on one side, and the vast patchwork that is northern Catalonia stretching towards the sparkling blue sea in the other.
Hotel Inntaler Hof, Tyrol, Austria
Hotel Inntaler Hof
There are not many views that can boast of being equally as impressive in winter as in summer, but this one does - as featured on The Leutasch Valley walk and in our selection of snow holidays. Upgrade to one of the bedrooms at the front of the hotel and you can enjoy a far-reaching view down the Inn Valley, framed on either side by majestic peaks.
Pensione Bencistà, Tuscany, italy
Admittedly this is a view from a dining room, not a bedroom, but it is too good to omit from our Top 10 Rooms with a View. The Bencistà (featured on the From Bologna to Florence walk) is a grand 14th-century villa in the hills just north of Florence, Italy’s greatest art city. To reach it, you will have covered some 100 kilometres since leaving Bologna, and now your final destination and the huge dome of the cathedral are so close you could almost reach out and touch them. If one view could encapsulate the magic of Italy, it is this.
Hotel Hellnar, Iceland
Hotel Hellnar, Iceland
Gazing out to sea is enjoyable enough, mesmerising even, especially when the waves are glittering in the sunlight or are topped with white foam on stormy days, but what makes the view from the Hotel Hellnar’s sun terrace, restaurant and front bedrooms (which are well worth upgrading to) one that you will keep coming back to is the very real chance of spotting a whale breaching. This hotel features on the Iceland’s Striking West walk and the view is definitely worth talking about.
Fonda de la Tea, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
Gran Canaria
It may measure only 50 kilometres in diameter, but Gran Canaria possesses scenery on a grand scale: peaks that rise to nearly 2,000 metres, wide-open spaces and towering rock formations that wouldn’t look out of place in Arizona. There is also a huge caldera in which the village of Tejeda is located. Bedrooms in the Fonda de la Tea here look out towards the rim, but to really appreciate the grandeur of the scenery, head to the shared terrace (pictured here), which commands views towards the iconic Roque Nublo (‘Cloud Rock’).
Hotel César, Provence, france
Hotel César, Provence
The Hotel César (featured on the Hill-Top Villages of the Luberon walk) is in the quintessential Provençal village of Bonnieux, whose houses seemingly clamber one on top of the other up the hill on which it perches. From its lofty position, the village – and the hotel – commands sweeping views which stretch for miles across the undulating plain, a patchwork of sun-drenched vineyards, olive groves, orchards and expanses of wild herbs. As with many of those in our Top 10 Rooms with a View, it’s the sort of panorama that makes you feel that all is well with the world.
Hotel Playa Sol, Catalonia, spain
Hotel Playa Sol, Catalonia
Translated literally from the Spanish, Hotel Playa Sol means ‘Hotel Beach Sun’, and this sums up the vista from the sea view rooms (available as an upgrade). On a sunny day – something of which there is no shortage – you can sit on your balcony with a glass of sparkling cava and gaze across the glittering sea to the whitewashed houses on the other side of the little bay as they bask in the sunshine against a bright blue sky. No wonder the hotel is at the end of not one, but two, walking holidays - Collioure to Cadaqués and From the Pyrenees to the Sea.

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