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The holiday experience


What to expect

We sincerely hope that your holiday experience will be as enjoyable as it would have been before the pandemic, but, naturally, there will be some changes to ensure your and other people’s safety.
  • Additional items you’ll need to take with you are face masks (you’ll need to follow the local rules regarding when, and with what, to cover your face, otherwise you could incur a large fine) and hand sanitiser (several small bottles are probably best, so you can carry one with you at all times). It’s also worth taking any spare coins you’ve kept from previous holidays (see section on making payments).
  • As rules and guidelines are constantly evolving, you’ll need to check the website of your airline, Eurostar or ferry company, plus that of the airports, international railway stations and ports through which you are travelling, for details of any changes to your travel arrangements or the travelling experience.
  • There may be additional entry requirements for certain countries, such as completing a form in advance or on arrival, and/or providing proof of your vaccination status or of a negative Covid test. We provide an overview of the entry requirements for all our destinations – and give links to further useful information – on our Country Entry Requirements page.
  • Distancing guidelines vary according to the destination and venue, and whether you’re inside or outside. Keep a look out for signage regarding distancing, and maintain the required gap between you and others.
  • Visitor numbers to most museums and other places of interest are likely to be restricted, so read through your information pack as soon as you receive it to decide which, if any, attractions you would like to visit, and book in advance to avoid disappointment (alternatively, the web page for your chosen holiday mentions any particularly worthwhile visits within the Itinerary section, so it is worth re-reading this if you wish to make plans before you receive your information pack). The upside of forward-planning is that you’ll be able to enjoy these places with far fewer visitors than normal.

    Depending on where you are holidaying, you may be required to show proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid to enter certain visitor attractions.
  • As with places of interest, you’ll need to book ahead. As we include lists of restaurants and their contact details in the information pack that we send to you before your holiday, you’ve got plenty of time to do this.

    Some restaurants may require you to provide certain details (or use an app) for the purposes of contact tracing. Or, depending on where you are holidaying, you may be required to show proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid to enter hospitality venues.
  • It’s worth paying in advance online wherever you can (including any public transport you are arranging independently). If you are paying in person, (contactless) card payments are often preferred to cash, but where cash is accepted, it’s best to have the correct change if at all possible.

  • •   Check-in and check-out
    You may find that procedures have changed to reduce contact between guests and staff, so follow the signs. Also, check-in time may be later and check-out times may be earlier to allow for more thorough cleaning between guests.

    •   Public areas, including pools and spas
    Some of these may be closed completely, or closed at regular intervals for cleaning. Others may still be available but with strict limits on the number of guests. Your hosts will provide details on arrival.

    •   Housekeeping
    With cleaning bedrooms very thoroughly between guests and disinfecting common touchpoints in public areas now the top priorities, you may find that your room is not cleaned during your stay except on request.

    •    Luggage
    You may be asked to handle your luggage yourselves.
  • You’ll probably be asked to cover your face, and to sit in the back rather than sitting in the front with the driver. If you are travelling as a party of 3 or more people, more than one taxi may be required to comply with regulations relating to the number of passengers per vehicle. You may also be asked to load and unload your luggage.

Further information

We will provide details of any specific requirements relating to your chosen holiday, along with links to useful websites, with your information pack.
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