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Contrasts of Catalonia

Timeless villages & a golden coast
This Holiday in a nutshell
  • self-guided, single-centre walking holiday
  • stay in a welcoming masia  with a pool
  • flexible walking & sightseeing options
  • excellent regional gastronomy
  • hire car included

Catalonia’s wonderfully scenic Empordà is perhaps best described as a land of contrasts. Inland, the scenery is gentle and unassuming – all rolling farmland, quiet lanes, tiny vineyards and ancient olive groves. The air is spiced with the fresh, resinous scent of umbrella pine, and sunflower-filled fields and honey-coloured medieval villages lend a warm, rich hue to the countryside.

They tell you in northern Catalonia that God made the world in a week and, having perfected his art, spent the next year creating Empordà. It's quite believable.
The Guardian

As you reach the coast, everything shifts into sharper focus – the salty tang of the sea, whitewashed towns which gleam besides the azure Mediterranean, and a succession of exquisite coves and beaches whose beauty cannot be overstated. Happily, there’s time to enjoy all of the region’s many and varied charms on this leisurely exploration of Catalonia’s north-eastern corner, which also promises outstanding hospitality and terrific food and wine.

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