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Planning your holiday

Frequently asked questions about Inntravel holidays

I don’t understand the itinerary. How can a 7-night holiday only have 6 days?

We don’t count the days of travel as part of your holiday, so only number the days that you spend exploring. The best way to think of it is that the day that you travel to your starting point is Day 0.

Can I combine an Inntravel holiday with a visit to some relatives?

Yes, you can do this before or after your Inntravel holiday, or, if you’re booking two or more holidays, in the middle if you so wish.

Can you arrange a holiday for me that’s longer than a week?

There are various options to extend your holiday. You can add extra nights into the itinerary, or combine the holiday with another, or with a city break.

What is the last date I can start the holiday?

The overall season date shown at the top of the price panel shows when we offer the holiday. For snow holidays, the end date shown is the last date you can start the holiday. For other holidays, the last date shown is the date by which you must finish the holiday (eg if the season is 1 April-31 October, and it’s a 7-night holiday, the latest you can start is October 24, but if you decide to add two extra nights, you’d have to start on October 22).