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General practicalities

Frequently asked questions about Inntravel holidays

Do we join a group?

For all but a very few exceptions, no – our holidays are for individuals, not groups. This means that you can explore at your own pace, stop for a break whenever you want, start on a date of your choosing, and tailor the holiday to suit you (for example by adding extra nights at any hotel).

Do you have overseas reps?

No, because we provide you with all the information you’ll need (covering transfer details, restaurant recommendations and much, much more) and also because you’ll receive a really warm welcome at the hotels, most of which we’ve worked with for many years. If you have any questions about the local area, or have any problems, they’ll be happy to help. You can also, of course, contact the Inntravel office at any time; we provide an out-of-hours helpline for emergencies.

Can I take my dog?

Our policy is not to accept dogs on any of our holidays, even single-centre ones, as there are too many considerations to bear in mind, such as whether taxi firms accept dogs for transfers to the start of walks, whether routes cross private land on which dogs are not allowed, and proximity to a veterinary practice.

Are your walking and cycling holidays suitable for people travelling alone?

Yes, but because you will be exploring entirely independently with the help of detailed route notes, you should be confident at map-reading and ideally have experience of walking or cycling alone (if not, we strongly recommend choosing a holiday which passes through lots of villages, rather than in a remote area).

You should also take the usual precautions such as informing the hotelier of the route you are undertaking that day before setting off, carrying a mobile phone, wearing suitable clothing, and being prepared to turn back if the weather turns foul.

Will communication be a problem?

English is widely taught in schools across Europe, so you will often find that hotel staff speak at least a little English, especially in larger towns and cities. In remoter areas where visitors are less common, we recommend taking a phrase book with you; any attempts to speak the local language will be greatly appreciated. If you find yourself completely stuck, you won’t be the first of our customers to resort to sign language and mime. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

What currency do I need?

Most European countries use the euro. The exceptions are Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and, of course, the UK.