An Australian perspective


If you've never travelled with us before, perhaps the best way to get a feel for our trips is to read what fellow countrymen have said about us.

If, on the other hand, you are one of our many Australian customers and have any tips to pass on to fellow Australians who are considering an Inntravel holiday, please send us an email and we’ll add your suggestions to this page.
Mr Raphael from Australia writes:
“An Inntravel walking or cycling trip can easily be incorporated into an overseas holiday from Australia. They are very flexible about starting days so the trip can be inserted into even the most complex of arrangements. There is no necessity to start from the UK; the helpful people at head office will show you how to get from your previous destination to the starting point. You will find the walking notes very fulsome to the extent that the maps provided are more used to see where you have been and where you are going than how to get there. The tracks used are all much better waymarked than we are used to in Australia so it is difficult to get lost. These are not ‘bushbashing’ trails but at the grade 3 level can be demanding physically. But they can all be managed by reasonably fit walkers. Although you are travelling independently you will frequently meet other ‘Inntravellers’ at the hotels along the route and can exchange tales and hints, perhaps walk a day together or meet for dinner after walking at your own pace. Having your luggage moved allows you to bring it all along, not leave some at an inconvenient location or expensive hotel. Your day pack can be very light, but should not leave out a rain proof. We recommend carrying at least one pole and match the footwear to the terrain and level of difficulty. The walking options are so extensive it is unlikely that you will not find one to suit your ability and preferences.”
AFH from Melbourne writes:
“Living in Australia with family and many friends in the UK, our annual visits to Europe are dominated by lurching from generous family to generous friend and trying to fit ten days into a week. We have learned to include an Inntravel cycle holiday in the last week of the visit and appreciate the peace, privacy and intimacy that five or six days one-on-one with my wife can provide. We pack no Lycra and ride in shorts and T-shirts but do include a gel seat cover and cycling gloves. We try to set off after breakfast, buy our lunch in the markets and after visiting castles and gardens, have been known to take an afternoon siesta on a grassy bank overlooking the river. Part of the fun is navigating along country lanes and sometimes the GPS on my iPhone has been needed. We have found the restaurant recommendations for dinner to be well worth following.”


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