The booking process

Although you will find lots of information about our tours on our website, we always recommend that you get in touch before making a final decision. Once you’ve contacted us, the booking process will generally be as described below, although there will sometimes be variations because we handle every booking individually. For more detailed information, please visit our main ‘booking your holiday’ page.
  • A specific member of the sales team will help you choose the tour that is right for you and tailor it to suit your requirements.
  • Once you have decided on your itinerary and travel arrangements with the help of the sales team member (who will check the feasibility of your plans and the availability of the accommodation), you should check that there are flights available to the UK or mainland Europe as appropriate.

    At this stage we ask that you pay a deposit and let us know the following:

    • your address and full contact details
    • the full names, as shown on passports, and dates of birth of all party members
    • any dietary or other special requirements that we will pass on to your accommodation
    • the type of bicycle (standard or electric) you require and the heights of all party members if booking a cycling trip
  • When we receive the above information, we will assign a member of the customer services team to look after your booking. They will contact the accommodation providers and other suppliers (such as the cycle hire shop, in the case of biking tours), to secure the various elements of your tour.

    Once we have heard back from them, the member of the customer services team will contact you. Usually this will be to tell you that the accommodation is all confirmed, but if the tour is not available on your chosen dates, they will give you the choice of changing your dates, adjusting the itinerary or booking a different tour.

    When all elements of your tour have been secured, you can book your flights and any other non-refundable travel arrangements that are dependent on your Inntravel tour.

  • We will wait until we hear from you that your travel arrangements to the UK or mainland Europe have been booked, then finalise other arrangements and send you a Booking Confirmation and Invoice.
  • The balance is due 8 weeks before departure.
  • We will dispatch your trip documents so that they reach you two weeks before the start of your Inntravel tour. If you need them earlier (for example because you are departing on vacation before your Inntravel tour begins), you should tell us early on in the booking process.

    We recommend that you read through your trip documents as soon as you receive them. If you have any queries, please contact us – if need be, we can usually put you in contact with a staff member who has experienced the tour first-hand.
  • Have a relaxing vacation, safe in the knowledge that we have taken care of every detail of your tour!

Did you know...

...that everyone at Inntravel is committed to helping you arrange your ideal tour? If you have any questions at any stage, please call or email us.

How our holidays work

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