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Choose a flight that suits you to get to your walking or cycling holiday

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Browse our city add-ons page for a full list of the cities we offer. For more information about our flight booking service, read our air travel page. 

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With such a wide choice of routes these days, escaping to out-of-the-way corners of Europe has never been easier. Let us know which UK airport(s) you prefer to fly from, and any preferences as to airlines, and we’ll find the best flights to get you to your holiday. captivating European cities

Girona may be a handy choice for holidays in Catalonia, and Innsbruck may offer quick access to our holidays in the Austrian Tyrol, but they also deserve to be visited in their own right – as do most of the other cities to which we recommend you fly for our various holidays. Rather than just catching a fleeting glimpse as you make your way to the railway station or head into the countryside by taxi, why not spend a night or two in the city either before or after your holiday? The hotels we offer are conveniently located and full of character, and we also provide notes for self-guided walking tours of the majority of cities to help you make the most of your time and to guide you to hidden corners which you might otherwise miss.