My Slow Moment 2018

What’s your perfect Slow Moment? Take a photo, put pen to paper, or record a short video and share it with us for the chance to win a holiday to the fascinating shores of one of Europe's largest and most scenic lakes, Lake Constance.

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A selection of Sloemotion goodies is up for grabs in June's competitionEach monthly winner (see June’s) will receive a fabulous prize from one of our favourite local producers. For July, this will be a delicious hamper from one of Yorkshire's finest bakers, Lottie Shaw.

A selection of each month’s entries will be displayed here on The Slow Lane. (You can also see last month's winner and runners-up.) The winning entry, our ‘Moment of the Month’, will then be announced by the 15th of the following month, and the overall winner in January 2019, at a special Slow Moments exhibition at the Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton, Yorkshire.
Good luck, everyone! We can’t wait to hear from you!


The train emerges from the mountainside into the Lauterbrunnen Valley; travellers gasp and time stands still. Waterfalls upon waterfalls cascade from the valley walls,and I am mesmerised by the silver flow amongst the lush, green backdrop. The sky is blue and filled with sweet, sweet silence, broken only by the regular thud of base jumpers hurling themselves from the mile high cliffs. Breathing in the calm and heady air, my mind is soothed and comforted. I close my eyes and am at one with the valley. I open them and step off the train...

Stephanie Swan

Slow moments happen when you least expect them. You’ve just cycled round a lagoon near Costa Nova. You are cycling up a narrow path towards a small, quiet village where, in a tiny front garden, a magnificent topiary representation of a Portugese fishing vessel is moored, perfect in every detail, waiting to be admired. If you’d been driving, you’d have missed it. As you move on, a lady thanks you for taking the time to pass through her village. It was a privilege to be there.

Alastair Walker

Sitting in the garden until it's dark. Or in the early morning watching the birds.

Janice Smyth

My Slow Moment is sitting in garden and reading a good book

Sarah Morris

Shere Khan Sssh said our Guide with a raised finger to his lips with an air of anticipation all round all was quiet apart from the alarm call of the Sambar Deer. Somewhere in the forest our prize awaited eyes wide open and ears pricked the ultimate king of the jungle the magnificent Bengal Tiger appeared in all his splendour ready to pounce on his prey with my camera on continuous the shutter clicked away but then sadly for Shere Khan he was spotted by the Sambar and by fleet of foot he was away.


Plump legs bend slowly, moving closer to the rich soil. My pupils grow larger as I see the opalescent jewel that moves soft as silk across the waves of earth. I stretch my podgy fingers out and clasp the soft yielding body wrapped in spirals of pearly skin. Lifting my hand to my hand to my face I am aware tickling across the palm of my hand, does my treasure seek out my face or merely escape? Behind me the slow soft tread of my grandfather, “Put the worm down now, it needs to go home”.

Anneliese Glitz

Andrew Locking A lucky encounter on a wander through Ronda Ronda Spain
Carin Olivier Red sunset Sorrento Italy
Maggie Hodges The Beach at night Just watching the sun go down On the beach, and the fisherman heading home.Bliss Hastings, East Sussex United Kingdom
Cathy Cooper Beachcombing I stood on a tiny island in the Arctic and looking down saw sea creatures amongst the white grains of sand. Hamn i Senja Norway
Pam Crawford Chilled out sea otter Seward USA
Jacob Goldberg Two modes of transportation Ready to go on either four feet or two wheels. Trevelez Spain
Brian MacDonald Pacing Ourselves During our last day's walk from the Pyrenees to the Atlantic, we paused on the trail to appreciate a fellow traveler who was also taking its time on its journey. Jaizkibel Spain
D. Tabor Taking a break Just because it is slow travel doesn't mean it has to be low travel! Zugspitze, near Grainau Germany
Cathy Cooper Wish I Was Walking the Pilgrim's Way across the mudflats to reach the holiest of places with plenty of time before the tide returns. Lindisfarne UK
David Pechey Reading Matters Hiking high up above Rydal we met this couple who had taken time out for a quiet read overlooking the lake. Rydal, Cumbria UK
Craig Goldsmith #myperfectslowmoment Just me and the breeze UK
Charlotte A peaceful picnic Immersing yourself in the quaint, quiet, countryside and taking time to appreciate the luscious land around you with no one else there. Nottinghamshire UK
Joanne Iredale Tufted duck and ducklings There's nothing more peaceful and relaxing than watching all the baby ducklings swimming in the pond in Bushy Park. Bushy Park, London UK
Elizabeth Allan The Odd Couple A quiet time waiting for the tide to turn. Fareham England
Liz Sargent The Slow Tranquility of the Alps This beautiful valley through breathtaking Alpine scenery slowed us right down to a standstill as we took delight in everything from the flowers and butterflies to the snow on the high mountain tops. Val di Fosse, Senales, South Tyrol Italy
Roger Lane Drifting Light, Snowdonia National Park I was visiting the Snowdonia National Park and had to stop just to watch the clouds drift across this wonderful landscape. Snowdonia National Park, Wales Wales
Owain Thomas Playa del Ambar This must be the most northerly beach in the Canaries and is well worth walking the length of La Graciosa to enjoy its “amber” sands. Perhaps we should have hired bikes like the rest of the people who made it there. Playa del Ambar La Graciosa, Lanzarote
Christine Roe Poolscape When the sun worshippers had left and the pool was quiet again and still, I braved a few slow moments looking over my fifth floor balcony, capturing in a picture the abstract shapes of the water, sunbeds and brollys below. Costa Adeje Tenerife
Jacob Goldberg Harvest of Chestnuts Taking time to gather a bucket full. The Dordogne France
Louise Sunset vibes Taking it easy alongside my love in our freezing cold camper. Husavik Iceland
Caroline Crawford Turn Left at Pony Coming off the Col de Trois Crois, we encountered a young wild pony who helped us with our waymarkings. Ainhoa, Pyrenees France
Larry Stabile Flower and Mountains Splugen Dorf Switzerland
Jacob Goldberg A village of the past Ancient farm houses and barns left behind. Then suddenly one hears the bellowing of a cow and the clatter of hooves. Getting out of the way just in time. Lubago, Picos de Europa Spain
Ann Holmes Loving the Dolomites I love this region, the stunning scenery, the smell of pine, the flowery meadows and the quirky sign at this homely mountain hütte. Dolomites Italy
Jane Law Yorkshire Style This stile in a dry stone wall suggests a slower pace and good use of old boots. Wensleydale, North Yorkshire UK
John Schultz Simple pleasures Days spent with Elodie are rarely slow. But the world came to a halt as she concentrated on an ice lolly on a hot day on Grandma's lap. Stockport, Greater Manchester UK
Judy McCulloch A rival for Copenhagen's Little Mermaid! Away from the bustle of Copenhagen a day's cycling ends at a beach sunset. Tisvildeleje Denmark
Kimberley Day Above the clouds Trekking up Mount Batur in Bali, above the clouds and watching the sunrise. I watched the sky change so many colours that morning, it was beautiful! Mount Batur Bali
Katharine Elliott Cruising by cable car Bolzano Italy
Lara Jayne Coffey We set down our bags, our shoes, our worries... We set down our bags, our shoes, our worries. Taking steps onto the warm sand, we let the water glide over our skin & the sun caress our faces; asking us to stay and unwind... never mind the time. Praia Da Rocha Portugal
Paul Beltz Catalan pastures Hiking in the solitude of the Catalan Pyrenees. No other hikers—just my wife, me, and the cows. The sign reminding us to close the electric fence after passing through. Catalan Pyrenees Catalonia/Spain
Roger Lane Estuary and Clouds There had been clouds and rain all morning and suddenly the sun came through as I sat and watched the clouds reflected themselves in the waters of the estuary Port Merion, North Wales Wales
Katie Young Taking in the Fjords Alice Young (4) takes in the view of the Norwegian Fjords on a warm Summer’s day Norwegian Fjords Norway
@mumstheword8 #MyPerfectSlowMoment Watching the boats sail across the sea along the coast of Mallorca. Instagram entry Mallorca
Liz Rhodes Paddling Home Lake Geneva Switzerland
Andy Garner Panic on the way to Montalcino Thunderstorm looming behind us on the walk from Buonconcento to Montalcino. It made the journey extra exciting Montalcino Italy
@tregurthabird #MyPerfectSlowMoment Last night I just needed some quiet time on my own. So I went off down the lane, in the evening sun, looking for some wild growing flowers! UK Down the lane
Andrew Locking Wild flower meadows of Armentara Alta Badia, Dolomites Italy
Peter Glock An unexpected encounter ...with a docile herd of cows at the Hinterwaldkopf war memorial (1198m) whilst on a family walking holiday last week. They looked at us as we puffed our way up, then looked at us as we galumphed our way back down again. UK Facebook entry
Marion Magic Colour Slow down, look and magic appears Snainton Yorkshire England
Robert Rowley A team of ducklings Duck and her ducklings enjoying a paddle looking for food on local pond. Fleet United Kingdom
Roger Lane Lakeside Reflections I found this small Lyn or lake beside the road and walked through the nearby trees and came across this wonderful early autumn reflection on the lake. Sbowdonia National Park, Wales Wales
Charlotte Kay Reflecting sunset Sitting back relaxing watching a stunning sunset on the final day of the holiday and reflecting! Morgan Bay St Lucia
Annette Edgar #MyPerfectSlowMoment This is a picture of Lincolnshire's only thatcher putting on a new thatched roof. The building is a listed former village post office near to Lincoln. Lincoln UK
Lance Benest I didn't expect to see you! Caught this little fellow by surprise as we crossed a bridge on our walk from Weidach. Weidach Austria
Lauren McCawley #myperfectslowmoment My little sister holding a monkey in Barbados #makingmemories #livingtheislandlife Barbados
Nicole Cawley The beauty of the Elaphiti islands Sipan island Croatia
Melanie Pugh Bumblebee enjoying a chive flower This beautiful bumblebee stayed around for quite a while collecting pollen and looking adorable! Ramsey, Isle of Man United Kingdom
Angela Merritt Top of the world! It's so beautiful and peaceful here, and I feel lucky that I live nearby. Bolam Lake, Newcastle upon Tyne UK
Shelley Grant Being in the moment... Lincolnshire UK
Susan Schultz Cooling off How better to while away a hot afternoon? New Forest UK
Frank Fransioli The glow of friendship Krems Austria
@bighomebird #MyPerfectSlowMoment Rum & raisin ice cream for breakfast on today’s walk Irchester Country Park UK
Martin Roebuck A better lunch? On the high pastures of the Pyrenees, browsing cattle decided our Inntravel cheese and ham sandwiches were much more interesting than their usual grass. Setcases, Pyrenees Spain
Naomi Cearns Right place, right time I paused to catch my breath and beside me was the most striking caterpillar making its way slowly along the brambles. I watched it for a while, enjoying the moment, and feeling lucky that I stopped in that place and at that time. Nottinghamshire United Kingdom
Anita Watson Reflecting at the end of the day Winding the body down with the sun, exhausted from the day, ready for more adventures tomorrow Ayr Scotland
Lauren Bird at bay The birds also enjoying the tranquility of the beach side bar. Sant Tomas, Menorca Spain
@sallyannjohnston #MyPerfectSlowMoment A wander through a poppy field, quite a site to see! UK Instagram entry
@tjlicence #MyPerfectSlowMoment Walking into the village, stopping the Plaza for a coffee and admiring the view. I Malaga, Spain Instagram entry
@lizm1tch Gone fishing #MyPerfectSlowMoment wandering around Bembridge harbour and spotting this fisherman on his small boat framed by the colourful moored boats in the harbour. Instagram entry Bembridge UK