My Slow Moment 2018

What’s your perfect Slow Moment? Take a photo, put pen to paper, or record a short video and share it with us for the chance to win a holiday to the fascinating shores of one of Europe's largest and most scenic lakes, Lake Constance.

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Each monthly winner (see August's) will receive a fabulous prize from one of our favourite local producers. September's prize will be provided by Spirit of Yorkshire, the makers of Yorkshire's first single malt whisky.

A selection of each month’s entries will be displayed here on The Slow Lane. (You can also see August's winner and runners-up). The winning entry, our ‘Moment of the Month’, will then be announced by the 15th of the following month, and the overall winner in January 2019, at a special Slow Moments exhibition at the Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton, Yorkshire.
Good luck, everyone! We can’t wait to hear from you!


‘Dov'è la fermata dell'autobus per Locorotondo?’ Our earlier frustration at an absence of signage and ticket office faded as we engaged in pidgin italiano chat with an elderly signora on a bench in the piazza. A bus arrived (not ours) and the signora rose from her seat to grill the driver on our behalf. Spotting her friend, the signora bade us farewell, planting a kiss on both cheeks as though we were long-lost amici. Finally boarding our bus, the driver shrugged and let us on for free. A taxi would have been quicker but ‘lento’ is better in sunny Mezzogiorno.

Nicola Craine

Fabulous walking through the vineyards of Alsace, past the towers of fairytale castles to medieval towns for a good night's sleep!

Stephen Roberts

The best way to smell the flowers and take in the scenery is to take a seat on nature’s sofa

Natalie Bavin

Bridget Erskine Lunch stop for swim 🏊‍♂️ Gilleleje Denmark
Sharon Timmins Look , no traffic mum A beautiful drive through the Yorkshire Dales, made even better by having no other traffic around yorkshire dales england
Allan Harris Going home Sitting on a boat as sunset approached I was looking out to sea when this family passed in their canoe, going home after a long day. Soufriere St Lucia
Grace McElwee At last, the wide open Atlantic! Ovar Portugal
Chris Hunt Silver Tree A walk through the plantation on a foggy, showery day was restful and quiet. My attention was drawn to a silver, slender sapling . The bright bark and upright stance was also quiet in its own way. It sparkled at me. Isle of Man United Kingdom
Cathy Welch Mist shrouded basilica - spooky! Covadonga Spain
Mark Wilson River Wear in Durham Looking out over the river as it moves it's way through Durham. Durham United kingdom
Owain Thomas Penmaen stepping stones A beautiful spring evening for a walk on the beach at Three Cliffs Bay and back over the stepping stones and up to our campsite. The Gower Wales
Roger Lane Sweet Chestnut Tree and Seat An autumn mist was rising across the fields near the River Stour and this seat beside an avenue of sweet chestnut trees looked very inviting. Canford, Wimborne, Dorset United Kingdom
Jacob Goldberg The Walnut Orchard The bathtub seemed perfectly placed in the walnut orchard at the edge of a cultivated field. Would one lounge in the tub while being showered with the fruit of the towering walnut tree above? Endless speculation ensued. Meyronne, valley of the Dordogne France
Andrew Fairbairn Angels in Gods county Knaresborough England
Mr Robert Rowley Fishing on Fleet Pond I was taking some sunrise pictures over the Pond when I noticed this gentleman enjoying the early morning sun and hoping for a catch! Fleet United Kingdom
Rebecca McLellan Haunting melodies Stopping to listen as a group of Swiss musicians practised their alpen horns. The haunting melodies filled the valley and echoed off the mountains and the glorious scenery came alive to the sound of music. Bernese Oberland Switzerland
Stephen Roberts Nightfall in Eguisheim Amazing night views in Eguisheim Eguisheim France
Nicola Craine Clear sky over the valley tonight The view from my attic often catches my eye. Beyond the rooftops of suburbia, the densely wooded valley offers a verdant escape from city life. From grey sky to dramatic clouds to glorious sunset to serene sky at night. Meanwood Valley, Leeds UK
Sandra Stone Stepping Stones Take your time,Balance - but know they'll be wobbles,Breathe,Believe those who believe you can,And slowly reach an incredible place -A realisation that it's not about where you travel, but who you travel with. The Timeless Tarn France
Christine Roe The Balcony Boxer It would seem it's not just humans who like a bit of 'slow' people watching time.This cool canine made good use of the patio table to get a Boxer's eye view of the sunny street below. St Julian's Malta
Owain Thomas A very slow moment A very slow moment or why did the snail cross the road? This monster snail crossed our path on a walk around Mamora in the beautiful Valle Maira. Valle Maira Italy
Matt DeWolfe Setting off from Ainhoa Water bottles and walking stick in hand, we set off for a day of leisurely hiking through Basque country.Highlighting the terrain - farmland, forest and mountains, and captures the serenity of this corner of the world. Ainhoa France
Sue Sayers Patience Rewarded Relaxing on the hotel balcony we are in awe of the vista with the clouds parting and shafts of light streaming across the landscape to illuminate the sinuous river that disappears into the mountains Mosern Austria
Christine Roe A Carpet of Blue We walked further and further into the woods, breathing in the heady perfume of the Bluebells, with the noise of the traffic fading behind us, until all man-made sounds ceased and only the bird song could be heard. Nottinghamshire UK
Stephen Roberts Vineyard trails The slow road through vineyards and past towers of former fairytale castles Eguisheim France
Jacob Goldberg Spanning the Fjord Seen on the way to the Munken Hut. High above the Djupfjorden a hiker adopts a yoga pose seemingly inspired by the graceful bridge spanning the mouth of the Fjord. Lofoten Islands Norway
Ken Pound Dramatic Peace Near Kleine Scheidegg Switzerland
Catherine Polley Castle steps At the end of the day after a long climb through the buzzing streets of Lisbon we entered Castelo de Sao Jorge. The crowds had dispersed and we were rewarded with the ramparts to ourselves. Lisbon Portugal
Sheila Shepheard Traffic Jam You know you are in the slow lane when the only other traffic is goats! Lynton, Devon UK
Andrew Locking Misty morning Early autumn mist and colours on Woodhouse Islands Crummock Water Western Lake District UK
Owain Thomas The sunny side of the street Two young ladies were the only people on Via Luccoli in the middle of the afternoon. Even in downtown Genoa, siesta rules. Genoa Italy
Leigh Robinson Old Friends Two old friends on the way to tend the vines or work in the fields. A friendly ‘buongiorno ‘ exchanged as they drove by. Castiglione Falletto, Piedmont Italy
Roger Lane Lonely Beach This young boy was having a slow moment on the beach well ahead of his parents, idly walking along the sand he was in a world of his own Branksome Chine, Poole, Dorset United Kingdom
K West Half Way Half way up the mountain we were going slow, it was so steep, the breeze came & the flag opened. Saas Fee Switzerland
Matt DeWolfe Norah and the Pony This is my daughter Norah, taking a little break from the day's hike with the roaming Basque ponies, along the Spanish-French border near Biddaray, France. Biddaray France