October's Photo of the Month Lauren Thackray Puente | Posted: 09 November 2017
October's photo of the month

Entitled Baboons have slow moments too!  this exceptional shot taken by Paul Wynn was captured in the Chobe National Park, Kahane, Botswana. He says:

These two baboons were having their own intimate slow moment, silhouetted against the rising sun. They seemed to be deep in conversation about the food they were sharing, and totally oblivious to others around them."

October's judge was Jo Rose, Jo came to the Joe Cornish Gallery from an international career in Fine Art. She is curator of the permanent collection of Joe Cornish prints at the gallery, organises all the exhibitions, both in-house and external, and has introduced a very successful programme of displays and exhibitions by other renowned photographers and artists.

Here, she tells us why she selected Paul Wynn's photo as the winner, plus the runners-up who may also go forward into the 'grand final' at the end of the year.

Winner – "Baboons have slow moments too!" by photographer Paul Wynn
"A magical photograph. A beautiful shot with beautiful composition. These two silhouetted primates appear to be having a long, thoughtful and totally engaging conversation. Captured at the perfect moment, one with chin resting on hand, the image is strengthened by the lack of shadow detail and simple golden outline of the animals"

First Runner up – "Patched up" by photographer Paul Herbert
"The village of Kata Garouna was much smaller and quieter than we expected, but there was some interesting architecture not least this house that seemed to have been patched up and features a ‘boogie board’ as a make-do window shutter."

Jo says: "A picture that is joyful in its colourful simplicity. The witty placement of the body board in the window holds the image together with its block of blue. A scene that you feel has not changed in a decade, reminding the viewer of slow, lazy beach holidays."


Second Runner up – "Off the beaten track" by Photographer Annette Marsh
"This street is 500m from the central station. The main line squeezes through, but, with few trains scheduled each day, it seems a good spot to take a rest."

Jo says: "This is an image that tells a story of life winding down. The train-track, long since abandoned, has become the territory of chickens pecking among the sleepers and an empty chair from a former conversation. This picture has a very satisfactory composition, with the central rail forming a strong ‘in-road’ to the scene, vignetted by the colourful and varied life which has grown up around it."

The shortlisted images can be viewed in the October's Moments Gallery. To see all the entries, take a look at the album we’ve created on Facebook.

Further Information

Slow Moments Competition

You can find full details of the competition, including more information about the photographic assignment to Catalonia in Spain on offer to the winner of the grand final, on the competition launch page.

Competition details >

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