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Travel insurance

View and/or print the Key Facts, Insurance Product Information Document, and Full Policy Wording, which defines the cover, conditions and exclusions. (All open in a new window.)
Policies purchased before 30 Nov 2018
If you purchased your insurance on or before 30 November 2018, you are insured under the 1 December 2017 to 30 November 2018 policy. (Date of purchase is the date you received your Booking Confirmation and Invoice.) You can view and/or print the key facts and/or full policy wording, which defines the cover, conditions and exclusions. (Both open in a new window.)

None of us likes to think that our best-laid holiday plans might go awry, or about what happens if they do, but a comprehensive and reputable travel insurance policy is essential to your enjoyment and peace of mind while on holiday.

Many travel insurance policies do not provide cover for some of the activities offered as part of your Inntravel holiday. We have worked closely with Fogg Travel Insurance Services Limited (Fogg Travel), to offer you single-trip travel insurance cover which is especially tailored for your Inntravel holiday, and a great-value annual multi-trip policy suitable if you make several different kinds of trip during the year. In addition to emergency medical assistance, the policy provides cover for cancellation and travel disruption in many cases. For cycling holidays, it provides cover if your hired bicycle is extensively damaged or stolen while securely locked to an immovable object; for snow holidays, it provides wide-ranging winter sports cover.

If you purchase our insurance, you must make sure our policy meets your needs, paying particular attention to existing health conditions and any planned activities, if different from those offered by us.

We consider having adequate travel insurance to be absolutely essential. If you decide not to purchase insurance from us, we require you to provide us with details of your alternative policy (insurer, policy number and medical emergency telephone number) so that we can assist if the need arises while you are on holiday.

You should ensure that the alternative insurance cover you purchase covers the activities Inntravel provides during your holiday and is adequate for your particular needs. We cannot be held liable for any damage, costs, losses or expenses which you incur as a result of your failure to do this; we do not check alternative insurance policies.

FoggInntravel are an Appointed Representative of Fogg Travel Insurance Services Limited (Fogg Travel), which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This policy is underwritten by Union Reiseversicherung AG (URV), authorised in Germany with BaFin and subject to Limited regulation in the UK by the FCA. As an Appointed Representative, we are able to offer you, and arrange, travel insurance cover especially tailored for our holidays. Benefits include:

• 24-hour medical emergency service
• cover if you have to cancel before departure, including through reason of redundancy
• cover if you are unable to walk or cycle for all or part of your Inntravel walking or cycling holiday due to injury or illness (this does not apply to touring holidays (‘Journeys’) with an element of walking and cycling)
• on skiing holidays, cover if you are unable to use your pre-paid ski pass, ski hire or ski school fees due to injury or illness
• cover for loss or damage of personal baggage, including your hired bicycle on cycling holidays
• cover for loss or theft of money and passport
• cover for travel delay, including the cost of getting you on another plane, ferry or train if you miss any of your travel connections because of a delay to pre-booked public transport, or a road traffic accident or vehicle breakdown delaying the vehicle in which you are travelling
• cover available for persons aged up to 84 years at the date of departure (a premium rate applies to persons aged 65 years and over)

• cover for unlimited number of trips of up to 31 days per single trip
• family members (2 adults plus dependent children under 18) can travel separately
• up to 17 days’ winter sports cover (actual skiing days) – or a reduced premium if this is not required
• business travel is included (excluding manual work)
• UK trips of at least 2 nights and 50 miles from home (in pre-booked accommodation) are included
• cover available for persons aged up to 74 years at the date of issue/commencement of your policy

You will receive the full policy wording with your Booking Confirmation and Invoice. It is essential that you read your policy wording. As with most insurance policies, you are only insured for an event which occurs after you have purchased the cover. PLEASE THEREFORE CAREFULLY READ THE PARAGRAPH HEADED 'PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITIONS' BELOW. As you would expect from Inntravel, in the unlikely event that this cover is not suitable for you, you may return it to us for a full refund, provided you return it within 14 days of receipt and you have not travelled or made a claim.

Existing medical conditions and any linked conditions are NOT covered by travel insurance policies, unless you tell the Insurers and they agree in writing that they will extend cover to include that condition. You need to read the following and if it applies you must contact the Referral Helpline on 01623 635958 to see if additional cover is available:

Where you, or where you are aware that, your relative or business colleague (including those not travelling with you and on whom your travel plans depend):

i. have any existing medical condition or on-going medical condition where treatment has been received or have visited/been referred to a specialist or have been a hospital patient during the 6 month period immediately preceding the date of issue of this policy, or

ii. are on a hospital waiting list for in-patient treatment, or where a terminal prognosis has been given, or

iii. are currently suffering or have previously suffered from any of the following medical conditions: Heart related condition, Hypertension, Arterial Disease, Kidney Disease, Malignant Disease (Cancer), Lung and/or Respiratory Disease (including Asthma where you have received in-patient hospital treatment), Diabetes, Motor Neurone Disease, had a Stroke, or any Psychological or Psychiatric disorder (including eating disorder, mental instability, anxiety, stress or depression)

YOU MUST CONTACT the Referral Helpline on 01623 635958 prior to effecting this insurance (lines are open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday; please quote 'Inntravel').

The cancellation and emergency medical cover may be reviewed if there is a change in health between booking and travel. Again ring the Referral Helpline.

Insurers reserve the right to impose terms. You will receive confirmation in writing of their decision. In most cases, cover is provided at no extra cost. If special terms are necessary, these will be explained to you and confirmed in writing.


  Maximum Limit Excess
Cancellation £7,500 £75
Emergency medical and repatriation expenses £5,000,000 £75
   UK only limit (UK residents) £10,000 £75
Hospital stay benefit (amount per day) £500 (£25) nil
Travel delay/Abandonment after 12 hours £100/£5,000 nil/£75
Missed departure £1,000 £75 (nil if
under £250)
Personal possessions £1,500 £75
   Hired bike / hired electric bike
   (Inntravel holidays only)
£750 / £1,750 £75
   Single article / valuables limits £250 £75
Money (cash limit) £500 (£300) £75
Loss of passport £250 nil
Inability to walk or cycle (amount per day)
   (only walking & cycling holidays offered by Inntravel)
£150 (£15) nil
Curtailment £5,000 £75
Personal liability £2,000,000 £75
Personal accident £25,000 nil
   Death limit under 18s £5,000 nil
Legal expenses £15,000 £75
Ski equipment £700 £75
   Own or borrowed single set or item £300 £75
   Hired single set or item £250 £75
   Ski hire charges £250 nil
Unused ski pack (amount per day) £150 (£15) nil
Piste closure (amount per day) £200 (£20) nil
Adverse weather travel delay (amount per day) £150 (£30) nil

Details and prices are valid for policies issued between 1 December 2018 and 30 November 2019 for departures up to 31 December 2020; please contact us for insurance conditions and prices outside these dates. Premiums are per person, inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax at 20%.



MAXIMUM AGE LIMIT 84 YEARS (limited to 31 days’ trip duration for persons 65-74 years, 24 days’ for persons 75-84 years). Infants under 3 years – free.


  Adult Adult Child Family
  18–64yrs 65–84yrs 3–17yrs  
EUROPE without ski
up to 5 days £22 £40 £11 £50
up to 10 days £30 £50 £15 £68
up to 17 days £35 £70 £18 £82
up to 24 days £40 £80 £20 £96
up to 31 days £45 # £23 £106
EUROPE with ski
up to 5 days £43 £84 £28 £96
up to 10 days £53 £98 £35 £120
up to 17 days £60 £115 £39 £138
up to 10 days £40 £80 £20 £90
up to 17 days £50 £98 £25 £112
up to 24 days £65 £135 £33 £148
up to 31 days £79 # £39 ##
UK (UK residents only)
up to 5 days £12 £24 n/a n/a
up to 10 days £15 £30 n/a n/a
up to 17 days £18 £36 n/a n/a

# The age limit for a 31-day policy is 74. If you are aged 65-74, please contact us
## We recommend that you take out worldwide annual multi-trip insurance, as the premium for the non-ski annual policy is more cost-effective and it covers you for the same things. 


Including 17 days’ winter sports cover in any one year where applicable.


– without ski
£77 £89 £39 £108 £140 £134
– with ski
£104 £140 £52 £138 £220 £158
– without ski
£96 £130 £48 £145 £225 £168
– with ski
£140 £220 £70 £182 £395 £198

Should you have any queries regarding these insurances (including claims) they should be referred to:
Crow Hill Drive
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Telephone: +44 (0)1623 631331

Financial Conduct Authority Register reference 307304. This can be checked at

In the event of a Complaint please contact:
The General Manager
Crow Hill Drive
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Telephone: +44 (0)1623 631331

Please quote INNTRAVEL to ensure your enquiry is dealt with speedily.