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A Journey to Å

Lofoten Islands - scenery unequalled in Europe

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anon   August 2018

A wonderful being in a picture postcard with stunning views throughout. Only regret is that we were unable to do all the hill walks we’d planned because of the weather.

Mr M Hill  Ipswich July 2018

An outstanding experience in every respect; your notes couldn't have been more accurate in pointing out the fabulous scenery, hidden paths and gems or experiences which we might otherwise have chosen to ignore (eg. the RIB Safari to Trollfjord on the hunt for sea eagles, minke whales and porpoises as well as awe-inspiring landscape). 

The accommodation, and indeed any service provided during our stay, was first class from the greeting of our taxi driver on arrival in Svolvær through the myriad of receptionists, waiters and tourist information staff etc that we encountered. Even when we missed our connection to Oslo as a result of technical issues in Leknes, both Wideroe and SAS staff were on hand to provide timely and helpful information as well as immediate rebooking.

This was yet another fantastic holday through Inntravel and we look forward to booking another adventure with the company in the future.

Jose & Claudio  Rockville - USA July 2018
We had a great time in Lofoten. The place has some dramatic views and amazing trails. We enjoyed in particular the converted fisherman cabins, very comfortable and picturesque. We rental car they provided is an excellent complement to the tour, enabling to visit even more places than the ones described in the website. We highly recommend this trip!
B & L   June 2018

The highlights for us were as follows:

1) having the ability to drive from place to place and choose our own adventure, so to speak, really made it a good holiday as we were able to pick our daily hike/activity based on the ever changing weather and still have a good time.

2) not having to worry about booking every single detail made the trip that much more enjoyable, we knew everything would be taken care of.

3) the accommodations were adorable and comfortable and the included meals allowed us to enjoy more of the day out and about rather than in the kitchen! 

4) last but not least: the spectacular hiking and scenery! 

Anonymous   June 2018

Lofoten is amazing - but the weather was not great and would be worth emphasising weather risk.

Flam is not terribly pretty - but the surrounding area is. So I query whether you would not do better to find an alternate spot to stay, whilst still going up the railway.

Oslo was great - I don't think you recommended the Vigeland sculpture park as one of the places to visit - which was a highlight for us and I'd include as recommended places to go.


[INNTRAVEL NOTE: These customers combined our A Journey to Å walking holiday with the Norwegian Highlights Slow Motion journey.]

Mr J Coutts  Farnham June 2018

The scenery on the Lofotens, even in inclement weather, was stunning. There was also always something to do, or somewhere to go, and Inntravel's suggestions were excellent. 

We recommend the cinnamon buns, especially those in the 'Kaffe' at Henningsvaer.

Stockholm was a delight, especially the old town and the Skansen open-air museum.

[INNTRAVEL COMMENT: Mr Coutts added stays in Bodø and Sweden to his 'A Journey to Å' walking holiday]

Mrs K Irwin  Watchet June 2018

Spectacular views, comfortable and warm accommodation. Don't underestimate the weather.

Heather, Canada   June 2018

The whole trip exceeded our expectation. The hiking was very scenic, even in the rain, although there were no photos captured over Svolvaer. Sletteia, Nesland to Nusford, Bunes Beach, Haukland to Utakliev were our favourite hikes. The Trollfiord Rib Boat excursion out of Svolvaer was a memorable experience. Waterproof clothing and footwear is definitely necessary.  

Mrs S Fisher  USA June 2018

This was a lovely holiday. Unfortunately we had poor weather so that, for example, the express ferry trip from Bodo was a little disappointing. It was fascinating to visit the Lofoten Islands, experience 3 different fishing villages, see the importance of cod fishing on the economy, and this time of year actually see cod hanging and drying on wooden racks wherever you went. We loved living in the rorbus, each with its own bedroom and sitting area with a kitchenette. At our first stop, in Svolvaer, we stayed in a little house that had been moved and restored and we loved it. The meals were wonderful. From there we traveled to the Viking Museum which is well worth a visit. On our last stop in at the Reine Rorbuer we were pleased to discover that we could select any item from the menu at dinner (not a fixed price prepared by the chef). We did drive to the Fishing Village in A but found it inundated with tour buses and chose not to stay. As mentioned earlier, the stop at Mortsund was lacking, due to the poor quality of the food. My husband likened it to the food he had a boarding school and the meals were not something to look forward to. One disappointment, in general, was that none of our rorbus were on the water. That would have been lovely, especially since we booked so far in advance.

The add-on in Oslo was an unexpected highlight. The Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz was wonderful. Their breakfast buffet was delicious, with many options, and served with a lot of pride. Their restaurant, Paleo, serves wonderful food, and at least when we were there, guests received a 10 percent discount. The Viking Ship Museum, the Resistence Museum, and the Opera House were among the highlights for us.

Anon   June 2018

All in all we had a lovely holiday and would recommend Lofoten and Inntravel to anyone who liked walking.  My husband enjoys landscape photography and broke his record of number of photos taken on a holiday (4,000 in Lofoten), despite limited sunshine.

Jose Brak   June 2018

A trip to Lofoten Islands is a unique experience.  Be ready with good boots and warm clothes. The trails are well marked, but take your walking poles: they help on the way down! Take your time to stop and take in the landscape.  The mountains are dramatic and the many water inlets, lakes and fjords make the place a nature wonder.  Enjoy!

Mrs K Wilson  Millom August 2017

Well what can we say?? Words can't do this holiday justice but we will give it a go ! We were recommended to take this trip by two lovely ladies at the travel show in Manchester two years ago and now we know why they raved about it. We have travelled a lot with Inntravel and independently but this trip was one of the best for a unique experience, from the amazing ferry ride from Bødo to Svolvær which was the best ferry ever, the scenery was jaw dropping and we couldn't believe that scenery like this existed it was like stepping into a Jurassic landscape, with mountains and clifftops everywhere !

The Lofoten islands certainly surpassed our expectations there was a WOW moment around every corner, the walks were spectacular and the views awesome, the weather even behaved itself for us apart from one day but then it turned the waterfalls into raging torrents which were spectacular! If this wasn't enough the extension in Oslo was amazing the walking tour you provided made sure we saw all the main sites and walked nearly 15 miles in the glorious sunshine. Once again you have provided us with many more fantastic memories and we look forward to the next trip you send us on.

[INNTRAVEL NOTE: These customers enjoyed our Bodø City add-on at the Thon Nordlys Hotel before continuing on our "A Journey to Å" Discovery Walking Holiday, then followed by our Oslo City add on at the Thon Hotel Bristol]

R and H, Wirral   August 2017

We experienced the most wonderful scenery at the rorbuer sites themselves as well as on the excellent walks we chose form the good selection available. We felt we could have stayed a bit longer in order to do the walks we didn't have time to do. We liked the traditional accommodation and also mostly the food though it was best when we had some choice - eg via a buffet. When not walking we would particularly recommend visiting the Lofoten Regional Musem at Kabelvåg and the Viking Museum at Borg. Henningsvær is worth a visit and not far off the route from Svolvær to Mortsund. We enjoyed walking up Tjeldbergtinden but we suggest returning by the same route - not through the trees. This was a boggy and tedious descent. Munkebu brought us in the close vicinity of some very impressive peaks; the return route although not shown on the map is delightful, very clear and in many respects easier than the way up. For the best views of all we recommend the walk up Justadtinden.       

Rammie   August 2017

If the crossing from Bodø to Svolvaer is on a calm sunny evening it is absolutely fantastic and, towards the end, capped by the almost ethereal view of the mountains of the Lofoten appearing seemingly to fill a magical misty horizon which slowly becomes an approaching reality. I recommend Bodø Cathedral and the Nordland Museum - both very interesting - as places to visit in Bodø. On the Lofotens I would particularly urge others to follow Inntravel's recommendation to visit the Viking Museum at Borg near Leknes and allow plenty of time within the reconstruction of a chief's great hall.


INNTRAVEL NOTE: These customers combined our Bodø city add-on with A Journey to Å

Mr B Ueland  USA August 2017

I have been on over 50 international trips and have never seen anywhere more beautiful than the Lofoten Islands. Weather is very changeable so be flexible, and ready to walk when windows of good weather appear. Locals seem to hike later in the day and on into the evening, so I recommend a slow morning, and beginning to walk after lunch.

Anon   August 2017

The stopover in Bodo was very enjoyable as we were there for the first day of the Nordland Music Festival. The ferry crossing on a bright, calm evening was spectacular, with the approach to the Lofoten Islands and little ports along the way. The walk from Svolvaer to Tjeldbergtinden was superb, great weather, and fabulous views, with a picnic at the top. The Viking Museum was a fascinating stop off on the way to Mortsund, as was a visit to the glassblower at Vikten and the cafe across the road.  The Tjorndaelen circuit was also a highlight, masses of wild flowers, birdlife and not a soul on the whole route!

Our three nights in Oslo were a great contrast to the Lofoten Islands, and were filled with cultural highlights including the Vigeland Park, National Gallery, Munch Gallery and Viking Museum. The Oslo pass was exhausted, as were we. Good restaurants too, although pricey.

INNTRAVEL NOTE: These customers spent their first night in Bodø before heading for the Lofoten Islands and then added a stay in Oslo at the Thon Hotel Bristol.

Mr M Appleby  USA July 2017

Assuming the weather is good, the Svolvær hike to Tjeldbergtinden is a must. It gives you the classic views over Svolvær and Kabelväg. If the weather is not good, it's not worth the steep climb to get there. The Justadtind hike is also a must in good weather. It seems longer than it is, but it is not a hard hike and has only a few short sections that require some scrambling. Otherwise it's just a steady climb with good footing to the top. The views from the top are spectacular. The Eggum to Unstadt hike is tricky getting around the lighthouse point. Only part of our group did it, and thought it was the toughest and most exposed of any of the hiking we did. Reine is an extremely picturesque harbor but it's really not effectively possible for normal folks to get to the mountain top to get the classic pic. The trail to the top is unmarked and there are a number of info brochures locally telling you not to try it. We did not, however we did see people on the ridge above town. Overall, the Lofotens are one of the most scenic locales we have visited and we been to a lot of places.The accommodations on this trip are outstanding.

A Bennerr   July 2017

Excellent holiday. Would recommend without any reservations.

Mr G Hardman  Clitheroe July 2017

The Express boat was a highlight with spectacular scenery. The walking was very good, particularly Justadtind and the Tjorndaelen circuit. The walk from the hotel at Mortsund was great but had a really steep section that should perhaps be discussed in the walking notes.

Ms A McKeon  Australia July 2017

We had a fabulous holiday . We loved the Lofoten Isalnds, everywhere you looked was like a postcard photo, only more! It was achingly beautiful. We loved all the walks and surprised ourselves by doing just about all of them, even all the hard ones.... just keep going! The walks were a good variety of coastal paths, countryside and moors, steeper climbs with breathtaking views at the top and some delightful beaches. We were fortunate to have wonderful weather, it could possibly be a bit miserable if you had cold, rain every day. We highly recommend extending this to a ten day holiday rather than seven, we added three more nights at the end at a delghtful Rorbu which we booked ourselves at Ballstad. This enabled us to do all the walks and a little gallery shopping and to really relax into the atmosphere of the islands. There were very few tourists from other countries, mostly just Norwegians enjoying their summer holiday going hiking, cycling and camping. Norway is completely unspoilt, undiscovered by the masses and a sheer delight! 

Coloradoans   July 2017

We had a beautiful time in the Lofotens, the hiking and weather were awesome. We could have stayed longer in Reine as there was much more to explore. Overall, a fantastic trip!

N. & J.   July 2017

All rorbus were in wonderful locations, each different. On Svinoya there was an easy, short walk along the 'breakwater' (which brings you to the harbour entrance). This leads past the huge fish drying racks, which may be full of fish (in spring & early summer), or empty except for those filled with cods' heads only, and you may find men working on the racks who will tell you about them. This short walk is worth doing if the weather is not suitable for a mountain - it was our only wet day - and it also gave us a chance to walk into Svolvaer to look around. Mortsund had banks of beautiful wild flowers - deep blue harebells, yellow bird's foot trefoil, big heads of red clover, all really large - we thought that may be due to the long hours of daylight which our native plants don't get. We did the first part of the Justatinden walk - got up to the col before the summit (not bad for 2 in our seventies). It was a lovely day. (The line of lights for the ski track didn't seem to be there any longer). From Raine the boat trip and walk up to the ridge overlooking Bunes beach was good. Hint, the boat is very popular, no booking in advance, so check the times at reception and walk round to the boat quay the previous evening to make sure of being there early!

Ranulphus, Snubbs, Qo and Stanley, Farnham.   July 2017

Highlight: We took great delight in viewing at close quarters five otter pups eating, playing and basking in the sun on rocks by the sea, and it was lovely to see an eagle on our last day (even in the rain!).

Dr A Thomson  Princes Risborough July 2017

This is a magical holiday. The geography, flora, fauna, and midnight sun were really stunning. The walks are a good combination of mountains and coast.

Would recommend an overnight stay in Bodø and supper at NYT, for new Nordic cuisine by a talented young team.

The option of walks were useful, chosen depending on energy and weather each day. In Svolvaer: Would really recommend the Tjeldbergtinden walk above Svolvaer and a visit to the Lofoten Regional museum in Vagen including the fascinating Espolin Art Gallery. In Mortsund would recommend a visit to Himmel og Havn in Stamsund for an excellent meal. In Reine, the most picturesque of the three stays (we wished that we'd had an extra night). The trip on the ferry and onward walk to Bunes Bay is amazing.

The Svolvaer and Reine Rorbuer were fabulous, each with an excellent restaurant. The Statles Rorbusenter accomodation and particularly the restaurant were below the standard we have grown to expect from Inntravel. The rorbu all have a kitchenette, so it's worth taking some duty free alcohol, this being Norway! And the bedrooms had rather basic twin beds, except in Reine where we had a double bed. 

Overall, we would highly recommend this holiday.

INNTRAVEL NOTE: These customers enjoyed a one night stay in the Thon Nordlys Hotel, our Bodø City add-on, followed by A Journey to Å - A Discovery Walking Holiday

David   June 2017

Great walks in spectacular scenery. Rorbu accommodation very comfortable.

Anon   June 2017

Views from mountain above Svolvaer well worth the effort. Lovely to see sea-eagles and ring ouzels at the coast at Eggum. Interesting to compare the landscape in June, with the previous trip in Feb 6 years ago. Stunning views wherever you looked. In Oslo, warn travellers that huge cruise ships disgorge 1000's of people leading to queues in many places. Resistance museum well worth a visit - leave enough time! as well as the sculpture park.

Mr A Kelk  Glasgow June 2017

A beautiful area to visit especially if the weather is good. Two of the three rorbu were excellent, the Statles one has grown too large & had bus loads of tourists arriving daily. Driving is very easy as roads are quiet.

We enjoyed the camaraderie of the other Inntravel guests & compared routes with them. Some of the routes were a little challenging due to scrambling over rocks. We particularly liked the ladder on the walk to Nusfjord.

Mrs RA Lane  Southampton June 2017

We had a really lovely holiday but have to say our personal highlight was standing on the top of Munkebu after a most exhilarating climb. The walk back down also followed a lovely path. Also loved staying in the different rorbuers each with their own appeal. We wished that we had had a night's stopover on our journey to the Lofotens prior to doing the ferry trip which sadly we were a bit too tired to properly enjoy. 

Mr Collins, Leics   June 2017

Dramatic, other worldly scenery at every turn.  Fortunate weather provided us with startling colours in the landscape, although we had to be prepared for coolish winds despite the sun. Who could have thought a dried fish museum (in Å) could be so interesting?  We also saw an otter on the road in Eggum!  Accommodation and food throughout was very good.  The walking was slightly challenging but none the worse for that. A stopover in Oslo is also highly recommended, in conjunction with the purchase of an Oslo pass.

Mrs K Hough  Australia June 2017

Inntravel was a lovely way to travel. Accommodation and meals taken care of, allowing us to enjoy the walking and interaction with the local communities and the beautiful scenery of Norway.

Mrs V Taylor  Birmingham June 2017

In Oslo we particularly enjoyed the Flam and Viking Ship Museums reached by ferry, and all on the Oslo card. The scenery was sensational throughout the Islands and driving relatively easy with only light traffic. Our personal highlight was the hike to Klavika Beach. We found eye shades essential to get a good nights sleep in summertime.


INNTRAVEL NOTE: This customer added two nights in Oslo before our A Journey to Å holiday.



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