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The Faroe Islands

Unspoiled, untamed, undiscovered & unforgettable
This Holiday in a nutshell
  • self-guided, three-centre walk
  • island-hopping adventure in the North Atlantic
  • landscapes of elemental wonder
  • experience a proud seafaring culture and unique way of life
  • memorable walking and driving routes

This remote outpost of 18 volcanic islands, occupying a lonely patch of the Norwegian Sea midway between north-west Scotland and south-east Iceland, is one of the few places in Europe where life still moves at a beguilingly Slow pace. This is not a destination for adhering to a packed schedule, ticking off the sights or topping up a tan. It’s a place to immerse yourself in the forces of nature; to give yourself over to the vagaries of the climate and to join a hardy local people in respecting – worshipping, even – the awe-inspiring and unyielding landscapes (and seascapes) that surround you.
On the map of Europe, the Faroes might look like tiny specks in the sea, but at close range they reveal their glories – even through a luminous North Atlantic mist.
Simone Abram, The Scotsman
And what surroundings they are! Characterised by an all-pervading and austere beauty, they leave an indelible impression on each and every visitor. Towering, layer-cake mountains and magnificent, sheer-sided sea cliffs – teeming with birdlife – plunge into the churning swells of the Atlantic far below; while, amid deep and rounded glacial valleys, thundering cascades, sparkling streams and charming clusters of human habitation vie for your attention. These Faroese towns and villages, with their turf-roofed and timber-framed houses, painted in defiant shades of red, yellow and blue, keep the worst of the weather at bay and offer snug and cosy bases for you to plan a series of unforgettable days out.

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The Faroe Islands
 Average Temperatures & Rainfall
  J F M A M J J A S O N D
°C 5 5 5 7 9 11 12 12 11 9 6 5
mm 165 119 144 98 75 72 86 93 153 187 158 171

The average maximum daytime temperatures and monthly rainfall relate to the nearest weather station and are intended as a guide only.

The weather is very changeable, although the Gulf Stream influence means that temperatures are milder than you might expect this far north. It is entirely possible to experience all types of weather in one day, so pack for all eventualities, including, of course, good waterproofs.