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Atlantic to the Mediterranean

Across the south of France
This Holiday in a nutshell
  • self-guided, cultural journey by rail
  • four very different cities
  • self-guided walking trail provided for each city
  • superbly located hotels of character

Bordeaux, Carcassonne, Avignon, Nice. Four very different towns and cities. Carcassonne is medieval in character, as is Avignon, which was the seat of the papacy for much of the 14th century. Bordeaux, on the other hand, flourished in the 18th century, with most of its grandest buildings dating from that time, while Nice’s heyday came a hundred years later.

The sun here is so terrific that objects appear silhouetted not only in white or black, but in blue, red, brown and violet.
Paul Cézanne – French post-Impressionist painter (1839-1906)

Despite their differences, all embody the south of the France in their own way, be it Bordeaux’s wine traditions; Carcassonne’s citadel, the very epitome of the many castles and fortified towns built in this much-contested border region; the monumental architecture of Avignon and the Roman towns nearby; and Nice’s sun-drenched beaches.

Besides showcasing four distinctive cities, this holiday is also a journey through changing landscapes, taking you from the vineyards surrounding Bordeaux, through warm hills framed by the Pyrenees, past the wildlife-rich wetlands of the south coast, across the lavender fields of Provence and on to the palm trees of the French Riviera, and thus serving as a great introduction to the south of France.

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