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Frequently asked questions

Family adventure holidays Europe

Sample route notes
To get a feel for the level of detail we provide to guide you as you explore, take a look at our sample walking and cycling route notes.


Are there any age restrictions?

No – you know your child(ren) best and can judge better than anyone whether or not they will be able cope. If you are in any doubt, you might prefer a self-catering holiday rather than a walking or cycling holiday, as you can choose whether or not to head out on our suggested routes. Our snow holidays are suitable for children of all ages.

The itinerary is shorter than we’re looking for. Can we extend it?

Yes. You can add extra nights (we give recommendations on each holiday page), add a city break in the city you are flying to, or combine with another holiday.



What if we get lost?

Our walking notes are so detailed that you shouldn’t get lost, but obviously we can’t guarantee it! We recommend taking some time the evening before to look at the route notes in conjunction with the map, to familiarise yourself with the route. If you do take a wrong turn, retrace your steps to the previous junction and try again, reminding yourself that it’s part of the adventure.

What if one or all of us isn’t able to walk to the next hotel for any reason?

It is sometimes possible to get a lift in the vehicle that is transporting your luggage, but if this is not possible, your hosts will happily call a taxi for you, which you should pay for locally.

How much do we have to carry with us?

Only the essentials for the day – drinks, picnic, sun cream, camera, waterproofs, map and route notes. On the days you walk to the next hotel, you leave your suitcases in reception when you set off, and they will be transported ahead for you.



What if one or all of us isn’t able to cycle to the next hotel for any reason?

On a cycling holiday, it’s not just you who has to get to the next hotel, but your bike(s), too. If you really can’t cycle, you should phone our office and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

Does my child have to ride their own bike?

No – we can usually arrange for a child seat, a trailer or a tag-along (the latter, however, are not permitted on Spanish roads).

Do we have to cycle in traffic?

We outline on each holiday page if the routes follow cycle tracks or roads. We plan our routes carefully, so that most road cycling is on quiet country lanes, but inevitably you will encounter traffic, particularly in and around towns and villages.

How much do we have to carry with us?

Only the essentials for the day – drinks, picnic, sun cream, camera, waterproofs, map and route notes. On the days you cycle to the next hotel, you leave your suitcases in reception as you leave, and they will be transported ahead for you.

Do we need to bring any cycling equipment of our own?

The adult bikes we hire for you are fitted with a waterproof map case, panniers, a pump, a lock and a puncture repair kit (or a spare tube and basic tools). Helmets are not included, so we recommend that you bring your own or buy one locally.

What happens if we have a problem with one of our bikes?

When you collect your bikes, you will be supplied with the necessary items to fix a simple puncture. The cycle suppliers that we work with all offer a support service for more serious issues, and will either come out to fix the problem or provide you with a replacement bike.



Do we have to all share the same room?

No – we understand that teenagers may not want to share a room with their parents and/or sibling(s), so we will book the combination of rooms that is best for you (subject to availability).

My child is a fussy eater. What happens if they don’t like what’s offered to them?

The hotels and guesthouses that we use on our family holidays are family-run places which are used to accommodating families. Many offer a children’s menu, but if they don’t, or there’s nothing suitable on the children’s menu, have a word with your host, to see if they can offer an alternative. As a fail-safe, you could always pack a few sachets of ketchup in your suitcase to make food more palatable.

Does it matter if we turn up in cycling shorts or walking boots?

No, not at all, even in 4-star hotels! Out of courtesy, you might like to leave your boots outside if they are very muddy, but we have worked with many of the hotels for numerous years, and they won’t bat an eyelid when you turn up walking or cycling gear.



How do I work out the price for my family?

Take a look at our prices page for an explanation of how our pricing system works, plus a couple of examples.

I’m the only adult in our party. Does this affect the price?

Not usually – on most walking and cycling holidays, the adult pays the adult price and the children all pay the appropriate child price, depending on their age. Where there is a supplement to be paid, this is clearly stated in the price panel. Our prices for snow holidays, however, are based on two adults in a room, so the first child has to pay the adult price. Any other children sharing the room pay the child price.

Do we have to pay for our 1-year-old?

It depends on the type of holiday you have chosen. On snow holidays, infants under 2 years are charged just £70 (this does not include meals). For other holidays, please contact us for prices.