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Your holiday price

Frequently asked questions about Inntravel holidays

Are flights included in the price?

It depends on the type of holiday you’ve chosen. Prices for snow and privately guided holidays do  include flights, but prices for other holidays do not. This is because there is such a wide choice of routes and airlines and because our customers live all over the UK (and, indeed, the world!), so what suits one customer may be completely wrong for another customer.

Are there any charges on top of the prices quoted?

If you are arranging flights through us, we charge a booking fee to cover administration costs. Similarly, there’s an administration fee if you make any changes to your booking after you have been invoiced.

We sometimes have to charge a supplement to our published ‘by air’ and ‘by rail’ prices if you are booking after seats have gone on sale (usually 11 months beforehand for flights, 6 months for Eurostar) and there are no longer any seats left in the tariff band on which our prices are based.

To help with budgeting, it is also worth looking at exactly what is included in the holiday price. If you have chosen a holiday with dinner included every night and a picnic every day, there’ll be very little extra to pay while you’re on holiday other than drinks (which are not included in our dinner arrangements) and incidentals. If dinner and picnics are only included on certain days, obviously you’ll need to pay for meals on the other days.

My holiday crosses two date bands. Which price applies?

We base our holiday prices on the date you arrive at the (first) hotel (normally the day of outward travel), even if the majority of your holiday falls into a different date band.

Prices for extra nights are based on the date(s) you are staying at the hotel in question. If an extra night costs £60pp in September and £50pp in October and your extra nights fall on 30 September and 1 October, you would pay £60pp for the first extra night and £50pp for the second.

Why are there two supplements for single travellers?

All our prices are based on two people travelling together and sharing a room. The ‘single room’ price covers single occupancy of a room and applies not only to single travellers, but also to anyone requiring a room of their own. The ‘single traveller supplement’ covers luggage transfers and/or transfers to the start of walks, which again are normally shared between two people in our prices. This is usually – but not always – the same amount that is deducted from the price for parties of 3 or 4 (the ‘3rd & 4th person discount’).

Do you offer loyalty discounts?

Although we are extremely grateful to those customers who book with us time and again, our policy is not to offer loyalty discounts as it would mean we’d have to increase our prices across the board.

Can I book for next summer even though there are no prices on your website?

Yes. Provided that you are not looking to book too  far in advance, we will let you know the guaranteed maximum price and, if you are happy with this, secure the accommodation for you. If, when prices are published, the price is lower than that quoted, we will re-invoice you at the lower amount. If the published price is greater, you will pay the original agreed price.

The one thing to bear in mind is that we review feedback of each holiday at the end of the season and sometimes make improvements as regards the itinerary and/or accommodation. If there are any such changes, we’ll advise you of these at the same time as confirming the price, and give you the option of cancelling with a full refund of your deposit.