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Holidays in Provence


Few regions have such a broad appeal as Provence. Whatever it is that you’re seeking – spectacular history; fabulous cuisine; charming coastal towns and idyllic medieval villages; or simply a warm and welcoming place to stay – you’re sure to find it here, amid the region’s beautiful, sun-kissed landscapes.

Holidays in Provence
Holidays in Provence

Provence is diverse and iconic landscapes

Famed for its cicadas and cork oaks, for lavender fields and villages of red-roofed houses, and for the beaches, villas and gardens of the Côte d'Azur, it would seem that Provence was made for leisurely exploration. Its special beauty has been recognised for centuries – indeed, the Romans loved it so much they called it Provincia (‘The Province’).
For many, the allure extends beyond the landscapes to the cuisine featuring local olive oil, fresh rosemary, plump red tomatoes, creamy goat’s cheese and, on the coast, plenty of fresh fish.

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