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      September 2010

The Blue Mosque, IstanbulYou don’t have to be religious to appreciate the monumental architecture of many mosques and cathedrals and the fantastic works of art to be found within. Visit Istanbul, and I challenge you not to stand in silent awe beneath the magnificent bejewelled dome of the Blue Mosque. Read the full post
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The tranquil Aegean island of SamosHolidays should be filled with relaxation, interest and - above all - enjoyment, so please spare a thought for our unluckiest ever customers. Chris and Mary Goward have been trying to arrange their first Inntravel holiday for quite some time now, and it must have seemed - on occasion - as though it was never going to happen! Read the full post
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Looking down on MentonSometimes there’s nothing more relaxing than a nice day at the seaside: sitting in the sun, reading a good novel, and enjoying a glass of something cold and refreshing. Often, it’s how you get there and what you’ve been through that makes a day on the beach such a satisfying, well-earned experience. This is particularly true when you’ve spent the previous few days climbing mountains and wandering through rugged valleys, spurred on by the thought of finally dipping your hard-working feet in the warm soothing waters of the Mediterranean. Read the full post
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North York MoorsSometimes the boundaries between business and leisure – work and play – can become a little blurred, and, although it’s sometimes a good idea to keep them separate, mixing the two is not always such a bad thing. So, as a marketing manager who hates the idea of networking (the thought of all those sharp suits and brief, pushy encounters is enough to make me squirm), I was particularly intrigued to hear about the unique concept of ‘netwalking’.

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Kastelruth in the DolomitesHere in the Sales Team, we know the value of including hotels that are not only welcoming and comfortable, but are also situated in fabulous settings. And so it was with some excitement that I embarked upon a recent trip to the High Dolomites in Northern Italy, keenly anticipating some spectacularly situated accommodation.

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