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      October 2012 > Summer or winter?

Summer or winter?

There are some places that we think of as ‘summer’ destinations and others that you might only contemplate visiting in winter. Maybe it’s because we perceive that certain seasons lend themselves to specific activities that cannot be enjoyed at other times of the year. If you enjoy skiing holidays you might not automatically think of travelling to the Swiss Alps in the height of summer, for example; similarly, if you like the idea of walking amid dramatic landscapes on remote Norwegian islands, you might not think about a holiday way above the Arctic Circle in deep mid-winter. Think again…

The Lofoten Islands, off Norway’s north-western coast, are some of the most spectacular islands in Europe, offering awe-inspiring views of jagged peaks reflected in clear blue fjords, lined with colourful villages. Your only decision is whether you want your views glistening beneath a layer of pristine snow (with the added temptation of searching the night skies for the Northern Lights), or shimmering under the summer’s Midnight Sun, when you can enjoy daylight virtually around the clock.
Walking holidays in Norway

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