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      October 2010 > Talking of Andalucia...

Talking of Andalucia...

David LanfearInntravel recently joined forces with travel agency, Travel Bureau of Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to co-host an evening dedicated to the delights of Andalucía. The event took place last Thursday at Trinity Church in the town with a view to introducing Travel Bureau's discerning clientele to the delights of independent holidays with Inntravel.

Who better, then, to guide the receptive audience through a tour of this fascinating region than our very own 'raconteur extraordinaire', David Lanfear?

David, who is based in Andalucía, is a tour de force at Inntravel, well-respected amongst staff for his charisma and good humour and as the author of some of the most detailed, well-researched and culturally-rich walking notes of any of the holidays we offer.

David Lanfear speaking in GosforthSome of our customers have, inadvertently, already had direct contact to David's charming and often hilarious anecdotes, most recently when he acted as an unofficial tour guide during that 'volcano crisis'. Aboard the bus which Inntravel chartered to rescue stranded customers from southern Spain and deliver them safely to London, David kept spirits high with his good humour and cheerful insights.

And so, the evening began with a reception of wine and canapés and an introductory speech by Jeanne Lally, Commercial Director of Travel Bureau. Then, a dry-mouthed David took to the stage and delivered his deluge of side-splitting stories onto an unsuspecting audience. Thus, it wasn't long before the four walls echoed to the sound of unbridled laughter as the attendees were treated to a visually arresting tour of Andalucía from west to east.

From the verdant sierras of Aracena past the three historical cities of Seville, Córdoba and Granada and into the golden, desert landscapes of the coast of Almería, each stunning slide was accompanied by an equally entertaining story. These included the unfortunate case of a lady who came between a herd of pigs and a packet of chocolate digestives; the mother of a well-known entrepreneur who was man-handled aboard a rubber dinghy whilst negotiating the rough Mediterranean swell; and a distraught shepherd on La Gomera, who, in exchange for help in locating which hospital his ill mother had been taken to, rewarded David with knowledge of the best walking terrain of the island.

Sampling the local hospitalitySuch information, gathered from 'under-the-skin' experiences, is documented for the benefit of the customer and is what sets Inntravel apart from other holiday companies. It was clear as the evening wore on that the uninitiated were gradually coming round to our way of thinking. 

As Alison García Hall, product manager for Spain, rounded up David's speech by explaining the full range of holidays, excited murmurings emanated from the darkness. The audience realising that they were by no means limited to tackling wild boars at twenty paces and that they could enjoy just such independent experiences sat at the top of a sunny mountain in Switzerland, cycling alongside the languid Dordogne or negotiating the Norwegian coast aboard Hurtigruten.

The Inntravel team in Gosforth: Alison, Helen, Sarah, Peter and Jonathan


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