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      May 2012 > Rinse Out Your Granny's Boots… In Vinegar?

Rinse Out Your Granny's Boots… In Vinegar?

What?” I hear you cry. Don’t worry – it’s just one of many colourful mnemonics that we learned at school as a catchy way of remembering the colours of the rainbow and the order in which they appear. (Though I have to admit I was taught “Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain”, referring to the defeat and death of Richard, Duke of York at the Battle Wakefield.)

Others include a cartoon character called 'Roy G. Biv'; the biblically inspired 'Read Out Your Good Book In Verse' and the unashamedly commercial (and very local to Inntravel) version: 'Rowntrees Of York Gave Best In Value' (other sweet manufacturers are available!).

Most of Britain has been enjoying some welcome and long awaited balmy weather recently – long may it continue – making this the perfect time to enjoy a walking holiday in not only the UK, but also across Europe. It's wonderful how the clear bright sunlight of such hot spells lights up the countryside with such clarity – the brilliant colours of nature mirroring the colours of the rainbow:

Walking holidays in Europe

♦ Poppies across the sacred fields of Flanders within an easy drive of L'Auberge d'Inxent, Picardy.

♦ Ochre cliffs near Roussillon, one of the Hill-top villages of the Luberon, France

♦ Rapeseed brightening up the countryside between the Castles of the Shropshire Marches

♦ Lush grass fields in Interlaken’s valleys and villages, in the Bernese Oberland

♦ Calm seas around Cape Drastis at the northern end of Corfu’s West Coast

♦ Clear, cloudless skies above captivating Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian Islands

♦ Heather moorland stretching as far as the eye can see on the North York Moors

While doing this, I’ve just thought of a new Inntravel-related rainbow mnemonic:

Relax On Your Getaway Because It’s Vital!” (Wonder if it'll catch on…)

Walking holidays in Europe
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