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      May 2012 > It'll be all light on the night!

It'll be all light on the night!

Walking holidays in TurkeyYou never forget some hotels. Maybe it’s the fantastic food or the view and location; maybe it’s the friendly, helpful people who work there – or maybe it’s simply the décor, which is so wonderful / unique / delightful / surprising / zany / quirky (stop me when you get to the right adjective) that the memory of your stay never fades. In Istanbul, there’s just such a place…

Even as you walk up the street towards its brightly coloured exterior, you know that you’re in for a treat and that behind those walls lies something really special. You won’t be disappointed...

Walking holidays in TurkeyThe Kybele Hotel is one of Istanbul’s most captivating boutique hotels, located in the Sultanahmet district of the city, where you’ll also find the city’s greatest tourist attractions and historic landmarks: stand in awe beneath the staggeringly ornate dome of the Blue Mosque; wander silently through the immense chambers of the Agia Sophia and, of course, be entranced as you explore the glistening Topkapi Palace.

But dare I suggest that, in its own, small way, the Kybele leaves its much grander neighbours in the dark (literally) when it comes to illumination.

Walking holidays in TurkeyYou see, the whole place is full of lamps. It is decorated and furnished in such a way that you want to peer into every room, every nook and cranny, every cupboard and every recess. It’s hard to tear yourself away from the mesmerising display of ornate bric-a-brac that lines the walls, from porcelain clocks to china figures and a huge collection of antique cameras.

However, the crowning glory is the thousands of lamps (for once, I do not exaggerate - there are four thousand throughout the building!) that hang from every inch of every ceiling. Add to this an omnipresent red background of textured wallpaper and thick, hand-made carpets and you have a hotel that exudes a comforting richness and luxury that almost defines opulence.

The hotel is named after Kybele, or Cybele, the Anatalyian goddess of fertility, who was portrayed in classical sculpture as a matronly woman with a crown, seated upon a throne and flanked by lions. (It’s not really relevant, but I thought you might like to know.)

Istanbul is one of the world’s most fascinating cities and, if you’re flying in and out of Ataturk Airport to enjoy one of our two walking holidays in Turkey, The Two Faces of Cappadocia or The Lycian Way, don’t miss the chance to add a couple of extra nights at this delightful hotel – nowhere reflects the exotic atmosphere of Istanbul more than the Kybele.

Walking holidays in Turkey

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