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      January 2012

Demoiselle Cranes, RajasthanIt’s one of the world’s greatest bird spectacles – the sight of hundreds of thousands of streamlined demoiselle cranes gliding down to land in the villages of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan after an epic flight over the Himalayas. This is part of their annual migration and there is a very special reason why they now choose to land here. Food.
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Northern LightsWho says it’s grim ‘up north’? Not at the moment, that’s for sure! After some rather exceptional solar activity, the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, have been seen as far south as Yorkshire - as we reported back in September.

(I wish I could say I’d seen them myself, but no such luck.)

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Moody skies over North YorkshireThe idea that a picture paints a thousand words – thought to be based on an ancient Japanese proverb – was voiced in Ivan S. Turgenev’s novel of 1862, ‘Fathers and Sons’, in which a character says: “The drawing shows me at one glance what might be spread over ten pages in a book.” Read the full post
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Walking in the Bernese Oberland.In 1894, German engineer and industrial visionary Adolf Guyer-Zeller started work on a truly inspirational, to say nothing of seemingly impossible (madcap?), engineering feat in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Switzerland was already a popular destination for people wanting to experience outstanding views of snow-covered mountains while enjoying a leisurely walking holiday... 
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Ice harp - photo Bjorn FurusethAnd now for something completely different… music that will chill you to the bone! Well, that’s not strictly true – it’s the musicians who will feel the cold as the instruments they play are all made from blocks of ice. Great slabs of ice are hewn from the lake and then carved with chainsaws to make functional, musical instruments.

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