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      August 2013 > Just desserts

Just desserts

Self-guided walking holidays in the UKThere was a real treat in store for us the other day. Several treats, in fact, as our Inntravel colleagues Simone and Alison had just returned from a few days in the Cotswolds and had decided to try out a few of their new-found cake recipes on the rest of us.

The reason for their trip? Well, we like to ‘test drive’ our walking and cycling routes from time to time, as it’s obviously important to check that our detailed notes and route descriptions are accurate and up-to-date.

After all, things change now and again – signposts get moved, a door gets a new lick of paint or a path might be redirected…

Self-guided walking holidays in the UKBut where Simone and Alison had really ‘lucked out’ was the fact that this particular walking break, A Cotswolds Treat, included two nights somewhere rather unique.

Yes, the Three Ways Hotel in Mickleton is not just a charming and historic place to stay, it is also home to the original Pudding Club – a slightly eccentric and quintessentially British institution established 28 years ago to celebrate – and to preserve – the tradition of the Great British Pudding.

And so it is that, every Friday evening at 7.30pm, people come from far and wide to assemble in this unassuming Cotswold village for their evening’s entertainment.

Self-guided walking holidays in the UKIt kicks off with a jovial introduction by the Pudding Master and then continues with a light main course. This is little more than a tasty distraction, mind you – a mere prelude to the main event: the Parade of Seven Puddings.

There’s even a vote for ‘Pudding of the Night’ over coffee afterwards, and these rather special evenings have been variously described as 'like making love in a thunderstorm', ‘a medieval banquet with custard' and 'the eighth wonder of the world'!

It’s all about fun and indulgence, though, so we couldn’t have chosen two better participants from the Inntravel team than Alison and Simone.

Self-guided walking holidays in the UKIndeed, they were so taken with the concept that they decided to bring it back to the office, albeit in a slightly trimmed-down form.

So when they gave their customary training session (we share what we have learned about a holiday to improve others’ knowledge), they brought along a couple of home-made desserts as well, together with their inspiration, the book of Great British Puddings.

And I must say that their creations – the Butterscotch Tart and White Chocolate & Berry Fruit Trifle that you can see pictured here – were very good indeed!

If you would like to experience this venerable and delightfully oddball institution for yourselves, just make sure you begin your Cotswolds walking break with us on a Thursday or Friday, asking that we reserve places for you at the weekly Pudding Club dinner on the Friday evening (this is effectively a replacement for the 3-course dinner we normally include). For the ultimate sweet treat, you can even choose to upgrade to a special pudding-themed bedroom. After all, where else can you sleep surrounded by images of Syrup Sponge or Spotted Dick and Custard?

Self-guided walking holidays in the UK

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David Henry Baryani Gamon
Great comp!
08/08/2013 09:14:33

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