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      April 2012 > Very Moorish

Very Moorish

Moro & Morito – the stylish-yet-understated London restaurant, purveyor of fine Andalucian and Moorish cuisine; and her young upstart of a brother next door, the tiny tapas bar spin-off which exhibits a genius all of its own. Either – or both – are certainly worth a visit if you are ever in the area.

Whenever I’m in need of a ‘foodie fix’ (or perhaps a spot of long-distance torture), I go online and check out ‘This Week’s Menu’ on Moro’s website. This never fails to inspire (today I am salivating over charcoal-grilled lamb with potatoes sautéed with new season’s garlic, watercress salad and mojo rojo); and I imagine myself getting off the Tube at Farringdon or Angel, bouncing expectantly down the lively, pedestrianised Exmouth Market and entering the doors of Sam & Sam Clark’s inspired eatery for another unforgettable feast.

I talk as if I go there all the time. Well, I would if I could, but making Moro’s cuisine even more accessible – and affordable – these days is the charming tapas bar next door, Morito. Little wider than an alleyway in a Marrakesh souk, this gem of a place consists of a narrow kitchen / serving area, over which are passed a succession of mouth-watering dishes to a single row of diners perched happily on their stools.

Next time I go, I will have the lamb with pine nuts, quail’s egg and jamón from Trevélez high in the Alpujarras; or maybe I will choose morcilla (black pudding) and padron (green and tasty pepper), accompanied by my favourite boquerones (anchovy fillets in vinegar, adorned with garlic, olive oil and parsley)? But then again, how will I be able to resist the lamb tagine, the delicious arroz caldero (prawn rice), or – come to think of it – the chicharrones (sublime crispy pork).

You see the problem? Then, of course, there’s the small matter of choosing which of the mouth-watering array of sherries to have alongside…

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My decision making skills hate this sort of restaurant - too many goodies to choose from. Sounds like my sort of place.
28/04/2012 12:28:49

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