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      April 2011 > Braving the elements - so you don't have to...

Braving the elements - so you don't have to...

Surprised by snow in Cappadocia, central TurkeyThere were torrential rain storms to avoid in La Palma; landslides to dodge in Tenerife; freezing temperatures and snowfall to endure in Cappadocia, central Turkey (see our car, pictured left); and flooded rivers to cross in the Dordogne.

But don’t worry - this is (hopefully!) not the weather you’ll get on an Inntravel holiday, merely a sample of the weather conditions I and my colleagues have experienced in recent years when travelling out of season to various destinations to prepare our walking notes for the coming spring and summer.

Our walking holidays are generally timed to coincide with the most agreeable weather conditions for walking*, from the freshness of spring, to the warmth of summer and the golden days of autumn. We won’t send you to northern climes for walking if the weather is known to be cold and wet (unless, of course, you’re choosing one of our specific walking holidays in the snow for which you’ll be given snowshoes!); nor will we send you to southern Turkey or Morocco in the height of summer when walking is nigh on impossible beneath a blistering midday sun.

wading in the Azour gorge, Dordogne, FranceHowever, this means that we have to prepare our walks during winter, travelling out to the Canary Islands, Norway or Bavaria when the weather is far from perfect. Remember Peter’s blog about his aborted attempts last year to walk our new Bavaria routes? He was forced to retreat due to deep snow, and will now undertake the walks this spring in time for our first departures in July.

When Rob and I were in Turkey last year, we awoke to snow one morning (above); while torrential rains in the Dordogne in March a couple of years ago, meant I was wading across deep rivers (see right) which would normally have been a dried-up stream bed.

Walking above Los Silos, TenerifeGo to central Turkey between now and June or in September and October, and you’ll experience warm sunny days in which to explore the Two Faces of Cappadocia; follow gentle Paths to Rocamadour and dip your toes in trickling streams while butterflies flit among the flowers; or discover the dramatic landscapes of Tenerife & El Teide, beneath a warming sun, with gentle breezes blowing in from the sea (left).

Testing routes and writing the walking notes is a key part of our holidays and we have to get them right so that you can enjoy your walking without worrying about route finding. We have to travel out of season so that there’s plenty of time to get them ready for you. We ‘suffer’ in the wind, rain, snow and cold - so you don’t have to. As Ms Randall of Edinburgh reported after her recent holiday Along the Costa Vicentina in Alentejo, Portugal (below): “We found it all wonderful, and were lucky enough to have really pleasant sunny weather, without being too hot.” Just how it should be…
Along the Costa Vicentina, Alentejo, Portugal * - sadly, we cannot guarantee perfect walking weather...

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