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Let us take you on a journey to Germany, Austria & beyond...

Travel by rail - a relaxing way to reach your German or Austrian walking or cycling holiday

Daytime services
As an alternative to the sleeper train, we will be happy to book daytime services, with an overnight stay in Munich instead.

Because you will be travelling overnight, you needn’t leave London St Pancras until mid-afternoon – a bonus if you live outside London. When the Eurostar pulls into Paris Gare du Nord, collect your luggage from the overhead rack and make your way to nearby Gare de l’Est, where you can take your pick of the brasseries for dinner.

The City Night Line from Paris to Munich departs at around 8pm. The beds are already made up when you board, so you can perhaps read on your bunk for a while before turning in for the night. By the time you wake up, you are deep inside Germany, with time for a light, early breakfast before the train draws in to the Bavarian capital.

If you like, we can build in some time for you to explore Munich before you catch a train southwards to the Bavarian Alps and Austrian Tyrol, south-eastwards to central Austria and Slovenia, or eastwards to the Czech Republic.

With the exception of the Munich-Salzburg-Vienna route, on which the Austrian Railjet trains operate at 125mph, the lines that run south and east from Munich are older, slower lines. However, the scenery of dramatic mountains, bottle-green forests and onion-domed churches more than compensates.

Even when crossing into other countries, it all works seamlessly. We provide rail tickets for the whole journey, all the way to the station nearest to your holiday (allowing plenty of time for connections just in case of delays), and, where necessary, we arrange for a taxi to meet you at the station for the transfer to your hotel.