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Peter Lockwood

It was serendipitous that this retired gentleman joined the Inntravel team as an occasional researcher and writer.

Peter was already a seasoned Inntravel customer (cycling holidays with his wife, brother and sister-in-law) but at home spent more time walking the North York Moors (he has been a Voluntary Ranger for the National Park for many years).

One day at the Inntravel office his middle son (Rob leads our Sales team here) overheard a conversation seeking someone to recce Alsace who knew the area, spoke fluent French, loved cycling and walking (and food and wine as a sideline) and would enjoy the wordsmithery of writing up route notes. Robert volunteered his Dad (who accepted readily, whilst literally in South Moravia on an Inntravel holiday at the time).

A linguist at Oxford University (they didn’t take the Yorkshire out of him), then a teacher and latterly a Recreation Ranger based in Dalby Forest on his doorstep, Peter has always taken active holidays with his family, and lately walking trips in the Yorkshire Dales and a road-trip round Iceland with friends. (A schoolboy trip to Norway is what did it for him, he vividly recalls.)

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He already loved poring over maps and researching his destinations, and learning bits of different languages he would encounter. Having been recruited by Inntravel, he attended a comprehensive note-writing course run for staff, and now he’s very happy checking and discovering holidays for customers and writing those notes that will become their discreet helping hand.

Peter’s first assignment (along with his eldest son who took on the challenge) was to revise Inntravel’s cycling holiday in Alsace and devise a brand-new walking holiday here. Next for treatment (accompanied by his wife) is Inntravel’s popular Loire châteaux cycling holiday. Not a bad way to spend retirement, he reckons.