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Our favourite postcards


The six winning postcards of 2021

To get inspiration for your postcard, take a look at the the six monthly winning postcards from 2021, as well as our overall winning entry.

  • Sunset above the Douro Valley on the first night of our first Inntravel holiday. Not knowing quite what to expect (and somewhat jet lagged) but full of excitement and anticipation for the days to come. Three years, and four Inntravel walking holidays later, it is unlikely that outbound travel to Europe for Australians, at least, will resume before 2022. Until it does, it is the indelible memories created – of friendships made, places experienced, and food and wine enjoyed – from holidays such as this that remind us that slow travel is always worth the wait.
  • Our three day Northern Lights Break in Iceland, January 2020, was only a few months before the world became engulfed in a worldwide pandemic.
    A special part of this holiday was the 3 hour guided walk on the incredible Solheimajokull glacier, located a couple of hours outside the fascinating city of Reykjavik. Once fitted with our crampons, ice picks, helmets and head-lights, we headed off for an incredible experience. The sign in the photo graphically shows the effects of climate change as it records the distance (~300m) the glacier has retreated since 2010. A great `father-daughter' experience.
  • First day of Autumn in God’s Own Country
    Polished racehorses strutting through the market square
    A murder of crows wheeling round the castle keep
    Swallows swooping low over the meadows; a hare careering across the field;
    Hazy afternoon sunshine under the sycamore for our picnic
    White sheep by the drystone walls in the afternoon; Black Sheep Ale on draught in the evening
    Walking through Wensleydale. Every bend in the footpath a new photo opportunity - say cheese…
  • Take a large measure of the beautiful Brecon Beacons (mountains, countryside, canals and some very cute sheep), fold in a generous portion of brilliant Inntravel organisation and detail, flavour with delightful hotels and B&B’s, top with excellent local pubs and restaurants, cook gently in some unexpected September sunshine, with no added (rain) water: there you have it - a perfect staycation, ready to serve!
  • The crisp mountain air hit us as we stepped outside the Hotel Calitxo in Mollo on day one of our Pyrenean adventure. Route notes for the day clutched tightly in our hands we headed, with excited anticipation of the week ahead, towards the town square where we realised we’d stumbled upon the annual potato festival so we decided to linger. Rival stalls displayed appetising potato dishes to be tasted and judged by the gathering crowd. After the winners were declared the square filled with this group of joyful Sardana dancers to entertain us.
    What a way to start our holiday!
  • On our second day in San Gimignano, we did a circular walk around the countryside surrounding the city.  On our way we encountered a group on men harvesting grapes in a vineyard.  The jovial gentleman on the tractor was singing and the group was clearly having a good time.  It brought back many memories of my Italian grandfather and his stories of harvesting grapes. You never know what adventure awaits while walking in Tuscany and what stories you may get to tell!

View our photobook

With the standard so exceptionally high, we decided to create a photobook to showcase the monthly winners and a selection of our favourites.

View the photobook here >
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