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2019 monthly winners


September winner - Owain Thomas

Keeping up with the news
Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, India

The only shop we passed on our week in the Himalayan Foothills was in Kolachhina, where local people come to catch up with the news and walkers are treated to a cup of tea.

Inntravel's Charlotte Phillips joined the judges panel this month and here she explains why they were drawn to Owain's Slow Moment.

"We loved the slice of life encapsulated in this image, and the way the viewer is drawn into the middle of it. It feels like you’ve dropped in on a scene that’s repeated day after day, meeting the same regular characters, enjoying the same quiet moment. The gentlemen are having a chat, the dog is basking in the sunlight, the lady is catching up on the news of the day; the perfect way to enjoy life in this tranquil and colourful spot."


September - Highly Commended


August winner - Paul Wynn

Three Generations
Ramathra Village, Rajasthan, India
This “family portrait” was taken whilst walking around the village of Ramathra. I was being shown the village by one of the residents who knew everyone and, fortunately for me, at every turn there was a photo opportunity.

Here Inntravel's Adam Price provides an insight into why the judging panel chose Paul's photo as the winning Slow Moment this month.
"At Inntravel we believe that so many of the unique insights and memories from a holiday come from the people you encounter along the way. This photograph of three generations demonstrates this belief perfectly. Nothing staged or posed, it captures at once the fascinating simplicity of everyday life with all the vibrant colour and character of an old Dutch master. From the wise grandfather enjoying a simple meal to the beaming, slightly mischievous look on the faces of his grandsons and the contented smile of the mother watching on, this picture gives credence to the idea that the main thing that travel teaches us is how much we have in common."


August - Highly Commended


July winner - Tim Bowman

The Wait
Bondi, Australia
It's 6:45am, it's just me and him in the water... waiting for that line. 
One of our Inntravel judges, Josh Flinton, has given his thoughts on why 'The Wait' was chosen as this month's winner.

"While many of the photographs this month were visually striking, for me the best offered more than just a postcard image. They were those which evoked an emotion, told a story or raised a question. In short they were the images which placed the viewer within the captured moment. This is exactly where this particular photograph excels. The tones in this image and the amount of space in the frame speak to the serenity of the sunrise surf, whereas the point of focus running along the water’s surface towards the horizon compels the viewer to join Mr Bowman and the Surfer in their search for the coming wave."

July - Highly Commended


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