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My Slow Moment 2019


And the winner is...

Earlier this year, we set you a challenge: to capture your perfect Slow Moment on camera.

We were looking for an image that intrigued, that made us stop and look closer, that told us a story. We have received hundreds of wonderful entries, featuring glorious landscapes and laid-back creatures, vibrant colour, beautiful light and fascinating detail.

But there could only be one winner, and this year the honour falls to...
Owain Thomas,
Keeping up with the news
Owain's photo was taken at the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary in northern India, and was chosen as the winning Slow Moment by internationally acclaimed author and Slow guru, Carl Honoré. Carl explains what makes Owain's image his winner:

"I love this photo. It starts, obviously, with the colours, which are shocking, even unreal, in their electric intensity. I want to stop and stare, and bask in the kaleidoscope of hues washing over me. But there’s so much more here than just a visual thrill. To me, the best Slow Moments are about being a fly on the wall, taking the time to peer into other lives and lift the lid on a world unlike my own. This photo delivers that in spades. Part of its charm is that it poses more questions than it answers: What news story has captured the woman’s attention like that? What is the man behind the paper doing? What are the two men on the bench chatting about? Is the guy on the far left enjoying a moment of quiet reflection or is he scrolling through Instagram on his phone? What’s up with the dog? With its canny mix of colour, composition and culture, this photograph pulls me right into the scene, making me feel like just another villager stopping by to pick up my groceries with a side order of gossip. To be honest, I want to travel to the Himalayas right now!"
Tim Bowman
The Wait
Carl also chose a runner-up, which this year was Tim Bowman's atmospheric 'The Wait', photographed in Bondi, Australia. Carl says of his choice:

"This photograph captures everything that is magical about surfing at sunrise. The gentle wash of colour, the solitude and serenity, the thrill of waiting for the next big wave. I really like the simplicity of the shot: it’s just man and nature, with the mismatch in size underlining where the real power lies. Even though the interplay of light and lines makes me swoon, I notice a slight tug of fear in the pit of my stomach. That is what I want from a Slow Moment: to feel emotion that is real and raw."

Visit the exhibition

Owain and Tim's images – along with a selection of other highly commended entries –  are currently on display as part of a special 'Slow Moments' exhibition at the excellent Joe Cornish Galleries in Northallerton. The exhibition will run until 8 February, so please do call in if you're in the area!

More about the Joe Cornish Galleries >
Images from the exhibition launch – courtesy of last year's winner, Allan Harris
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