Glug, Glug, Glögg | Posted: 11 October 2013
Try a glass of warming glogg on a Christmas Market break in Sweden
Try a glass of warming glogg on a Christmas Market break in Gothenburg
There's a wonderful buzz to the Christmas markets in Gothenburg

In Sweden, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a warming glass of glögg.

It’s a lovely word, isn’t it, even without the accent?

And when you add the umlaut, it’s even more satisfying, arriving at a distinctly onomatopoeic ‘gleurgg’ pronunciation – so that you can almost imagine it slipping down your throat…

For glögg is the word for Swedish mulled wine – a drink you will almost certainly be offered if you visit Sweden during the run-up to Christmas.

You can try either the non-alcoholic version – for sale in the street or at market stalls – or glögg with an alcoholic ‘kick’, which is widely available at restaurants and bars. Either is lovely and warming during the distinctly chilly, sunlight-starved days of December, and is served in much the same way: ladled into a glass or a cup, with raisins and blanched almonds on the side for you to add, according to taste.

But when it comes to recipes, there are many subtle variations, with numerous combinations of spices being used (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and bitter orange are the usual suspects) as well as varying amounts and types of alcohol. As well as the red wine itself, stronger spirits such as vodka, aquavit or brandy are optional extras, and the resulting concoction can sometimes prove to be fairly potent, particularly if this sweet-tasting nectar is glugged too freely!

Further Information

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If you wish to make your own glögg, here is one tried-and-tested recipe (from Erik Lallerstedt of the renowned Gondolen restaurant in Stockholm), courtesy of the Swedish Tourist Board.


•  1 bitter orange peel
•  2 teaspoons grated fresh ginger
•  3 cinnamon sticks
•  10 cloves
•  3 star anise
•  10 cardamom seeds
•  1dl (½ cup) water
•  1½dl (¾ cup) sugar
•  1dl (½ cup) dark rum
•  2 dl (1 cup) cognac
•  7½dl (3¼ cups) red wine


1.  Heat spices and water to boiling point. Remove from heat and let steep overnight.
2.  Strain and remove spices.
3.  Combine the spiced liquid with the remaining ingredients and heat slowly. Do not allow to boil!

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