A bit of a rum do | Posted: 04 July 2016

Every country proudly boasts of its own national drink, a taste that’s synonymous with the land...

And among the islands of the Caribbean that drink is rum, though that one unassuming three-letter word covers a host of endless varieties, from pure white cane spirit through every shade of gold to treacly deep red. The range of colours and flavours comes from the addition of natural ingredients like caramel which radically alters the taste – though in a certain bar on Dominica, they’ve taken the idea of flavoured rums to a whole new level.

walking holidays on Dominica

Not far from the secluded Beau Rive Hotel, and overlooking the breathtakingly beautiful Castle Bruce Bay on the dramatic Atlantic shore of the island, sits the Islet View restaurant and bar. It serves tasty island food, of course, but what makes it really stand out is the vast array of different – and often quirky – flavoured ‘bush rums’, or tafias, that you can sample.

walking holidays on Dominica There seems to be nothing they haven’t thought about here, and flavours range from mango and maize to passion fruit and paw-paw; and from kenip (Spanish lime) and carrot to beet and hibiscus. There are others that seem strangely incongruous (how about eggplant and peanut?), while it’s anyone’s guess what makes the intriguingly named ‘Obama Special’ so... special!

walking holidays on Dominica So why not dare to indulge in Dominica’s out-of-the-ordinary bush rum selection – about as authentic a taste of the Caribbean as you're ever likely to find.

Further Information

Rebuilding Dominica

Given the devastation wrought on Dominica by Hurricane Maria in September 2017, we are unable to offer walking holidays on the island for the foreseeable future. We have contributed to the disaster relief fund and our thoughts remain with the islanders as they recover from the disaster.

More about the relief and rebuilding work on Dominica >

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