September's Photo of the Month Lauren Thackray Puente | Posted: 26 September 2017

Entitled Bus Queue this exceptional shot taken by David Pechey was captured in Galle, Sri Lanka. He says:

“These schoolboys waited for their bus home as animatedly as the heat and humidity allowed in the shade of the Mara trees growing on the ramparts of Galle's Dutch Fort."

September's judge was Carl Honoré, a London-based journalist and author, best known for his advocacy of the Slow Movement through his book, 'In Praise of Slow'.

"Less frantic, more flow" - discover more on Carl's website:

Here, he tells us why he selected David's shot as the winner, plus the runners-up who will also go forward into the 'grand final' at the end of the year.

Winner – "Bus Queue' by David Pechey
"Loved this photo right away. Something is happening just out of view and you want to know more. Who are these boys? What are they watching or waiting for? Why are the two on the ends engaged in what looks like a vogue off? You get the feeling the photographer took his time to capture an ordinary moment in a way that made it extraordinary, which to me is the essence of Slow. I also love the technical flair. It’s quite a dark photo that somehow feels full of light. An image of people standing around that somehow feels full of movement."

First Runner up – "Fish!" by Christine Roe
"Markets are fascinating places to wander around, especially the one in Soller. Stalls selling a mind-boggling array of wares are scattered through the streets. I like time to appreciate the creative displays. How can dead fish look so beautiful?"

Carl says: "An arresting image that showcases the visual riches to be found when we slow down and take the time to look – really look – at the simple, everyday things around us. I like the contrast between the almost hyper-real colours of the fish and the black and white background. Brings back vivid memories of markets I’ve seen in Spain."

Second Runner up – "Bluebonnet House" by Jamie Leasure
"Bluebells (called "Bluebonnets" in Texas) run wild in front of this abandoned country home.  Development is encroaching on both sides, but for now this land sits as it has for a century."

Carl says: " A familiar bucolic image that sings for two reasons. First, the warm, honeyed, early-evening light. Second, the abandoned, rundown house injects an unexpected melancholy. Capturing this kind of scene at just the right moment takes patience and a sympathetic eye."

The shortlisted images can be viewed in the September's Moments Gallery. To see all the entries, take a look at the album we’ve created on Facebook.

Further Information

Slow Moments Competition

You can find full details of the competition, including more information about the photographic assignment to Catalonia in Spain on offer to the winner of the grand final, on the competition launch page.

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