July's Photo of the Month Lauren Thackray Puente | Posted: 01 August 2017

Entitled White flowers in a White town, this beautiful shot by Scott Hatch was captured on a walk in the pretty Spanish town of Grazalema. He says:

“In the white-washed village of Grazalema it seemed only right that someone would be bringing home a fistful of callas lillies."

July's judge was Val Corbett. Val is a freelance photographer, based in the Lowther Valley on the eastern fringes of the Lake District. Over the past 25 years she has built up an extensive library of images of the Lake District and Cumbria (www.valcorbettphotography.com). She is recognised for her garden photography, which is frequently published in Country Life, and her summers are normally taken up with photographing gardens around the British Isles. At other times she concentrates on her landscape photography, a variety of commissions and working for a number of authors. She has produced no fewer than eight books of photography focusing on different aspects of the Lake District. Here, she tells us why she selected this photograph as the winner, plus the two runners-up: This was a hard number, they all merit a place! I could have chosen at least three for the winning place! But I'm tried to be mindful of what the photo is meant to show, the Slow Moment."

Winner – "White Flowers in a White town!" Grazalema, Spain by Scott Hatch
"This may not be the most arresting image in this month’s competition, but this quiet photo best sums up for me the ethos of Slow Moments. It has a quality that spurs one’s imagination. This almost monotone image got under my skin.  I wanted to follow the man down this simple cobbled street and see where the flowers were being taken, what his story was. In my imagination he was on his way to a typical Spanish cemetery - so different to our own- and had just come from Grazalema’s colourful weekly market."

First Runner up – "A bathtub for the stock" by Jacob Goldberg
"As the shepherd slowly passed us on the ancient stone cobbled path we couldnt help but pause to debate who the tub was for. Indoor plumbing or to serve as a trough for keeping the stock watered ."

Val says: "This came close to winning. Someone has been quick off the mark to get this photo, but I love the way the horse is probably carrying both its fodder and a bath for drinking from while the man carries the hosepipe as a means to fill it."

Second Runner up – "Watchful" by Jacob Goldberg
"The narrow lane entering the small village led to a fork in the road between houses. The correct choice was not obvious. We thought that the cat would direct us to the right path, but all it did was lounge there and grin."

Val says: " I love the caption and the simplicity of the photo."


Third Runner up – "Golden Sunrise" by Mike South
"After an eerie walk across the Golden Gate bridge in the foggy half-light, I climbed Hawk Hill for sunrise. As the fog cleared, shadows of the bridge pierced the mist for a few moments, then vanished."

Val says: "This is an exquisite photo and I would commend anyone prepared to get up early enough to catch these glorious landscape moments."

The shortlisted images can be viewed in the July Moments Gallery. To see all the entries, take a look at the album we’ve created on Facebook.

Further Information

Slow Moments Competition

You can find full details of the competition, including more information about the photographic assignment to Catalonia in Spain on offer to the winner of the grand final, on the competition launch page.

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