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Reviews & customer feedback policy

Your opinion of our service and holidays matters to us. All feedback we receive is read by both our Holiday Feedback Team and the relevant country expert who put the holiday together. It shapes the way we work and helps us to ensure that our holidays are the best that they can be.

Your feedback is used in the following ways:

   • to improve our holidays

   • to enhance the documentation about our holidays (we include many of the restaurant recommendations and tips on places to visit that are passed on to us – once we have checked them out)

   • to help future travellers in their decision-making, by publishing it on our website

Our post-holiday questionnaire

We’ve always invited our customers to complete a post-holiday questionnaire on their return.

Since 2 October 2015, the questionnaire has featured a section where customers can specifically provide a review of their holiday, including any tips or recommendations. This is the only part of the questionnaire which, with permission, we now publish on our website and we guarantee to publish the review in its entirety, within three weeks of receiving it. We feel that this is a much more transparent approach.

We do, however, reserve the right not to publish anything that we believe to be libellous, political or factually inaccurate.

Share your experience

Of course, we realise that some of our customers would like to be able to share their experiences of their holiday without completing our questionnaire. If you would like to do this, then navigate to the relevant holiday page, go to the Reviews & Tips tab, and click on the link. Alternatively, you’ll find a link to the form at the top of every page, within the drop-down menu labelled Contact.

The form asks for your postcode or holiday reference so that we can ensure we only post reviews from bona fide customers, as well as for your email address in case we need to contact you about any points you raise in your review. However, none of these details will be published on our website.

To help future travellers choose a holiday that is right for them and enjoy it to the full, it is useful to include:

   • a summary of your holiday experience
   • the elements which stood out for whatever reason
   • what others should know about the holiday
   • any tips or recommendations

Get a true feel for our holidays, from those who have experienced them

So, when you click on the Reviews & Tips tab of a holiday page, the reviews that you’ll find there are the exact words of our customers – we don’t edit them, except to remove staff names and correct the odd spelling mistake or typo so that they are easier to read. What’s more, since June 2016, we promise to show them all (except for the occasional tailored itinerary which is too different from any ‘standard’ holiday to include anywhere), so that you can be sure of seeing the full picture. 

More reviews on the AITO website

The reviews on our website are particularly useful if you’re choosing a specific holiday – reading the impressions of previous customers will often give you a better feel for the overall experience than can be conveyed in the holiday description alone.

However, if you would like to read reviews about Inntravel in general, and our customer service, visit the website of the Association of Independent Tour Operators, of which we are a member.