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How our family adventure holidays in Europe & beyond work

Family adventure holidays Europe
  • stay in family-friendly accommodation, usually with a pool or beach nearby
  • carefully selected regions that appeal to families of all ages
  • freedom to explore as you want
  • enjoy a combination of walking, cycling or skiing, culture and fun


Our unique family adventure holidays in Europe and beyond cater for independently-minded families looking to share activities and discover new experiences together while ‘doing their own thing’. Our carefully selected range of family-friendly walking holidays (‘Wanderings’), cycling holidays (‘Wheels’), snow holidays (‘Snow’) and self-catering properties (‘Hideaways’) allows you to ‘get active’ as a family in some of the most alluring and unspoiled corners of Europe and Morocco.

Holidays designed specifically for families

Many of us at Inntravel are parents too, and we’ve travelled extensively with our children over the years. Drawing on our own personal experiences, our family adventure holidays in Europe and Morocco have been specially selected to provide for the needs of youngsters as well as adults: we have been careful to minimise long journeys, and, given how much children love swimming, we have made sure that wherever you stay, you are usually either close to a beach or have access to a pool. When it comes to food, our hoteliers are often able to meet specific requests or prepare simpler meal options if required.

A place to suit your family

All our accommodation – whether hotels or self-catering properties – varies in size and style, but we carefully select places of character to ensure that families are warmly welcomed and feel totally relaxed in their surroundings. In fact, many are family-run themselves, so your hosts know exactly what you’re looking for and can anticipate your needs! We have worked with all the hoteliers and property owners for many years, and they are on hand to share their knowledge of the local area and help out with any questions you might have.

Our chosen self-catering properties all have two or three bedrooms to give you the space you need, and they tend to be close to other similar properties, allowing for shared use of open areas, swimming pools and other facilities.

If you’re staying in a hotel (some of which offer children’s playrooms and leisure facilities), you’ll either be able to stay in a family room or apartment, or in twin rooms which either connect or which are very close to each other. The prices for our family adventure holidays are based on the accommodation arrangements that in our opinion best cater for the ‘average’ family, but we will be happy to make alternative arrangements if you require a different room type, subject to availability. Please be aware that many hotels in Switzerland and Austria only offer Austrian-style beds comprising two large single mattresses with individual bedding on one large base which cannot be separated, so please tell us if it is essential that your children have separate beds.

Freedom as a family

Whether you choose a hotel-to-hotel walking or cycling holiday, or a week-long stay in a hotel or self-catering property, our featured destinations boast lots of places and activities to interest and inspire the whole family. Some regions are rich in culture and wildlife – fascinating local towns and markets, archaeological sites, organic farms, nature reserves. Others are in exciting places to explore using chairlifts, mountain railways, boats, or even mules! All, however, promise an ideal blend of gentle activity, relaxation, fun and culture.

Even on fixed-itinerary walking and cycling holidays, there is no emphasis on being in a certain place at a certain time, and days of walking or cycling tend to alternate with ‘rest days’ when you can do your own thing. On other holidays, you have complete freedom to choose the activities and places to explore, when you want and how you want – on self-catering holidays we include either a hire car or a family pass for use on public transport.

No one knows your child better than you do in terms of how active they like to be. For this reason, we prefer not to give age guidelines for the wide choice of activities we offer so that you can judge what is right for your family. With so many varied activities available and so much flexibility, we are confident that our programme offers something for families with children of all ages.

Detailed documentation

The documentation we provide for our family adventure holidays in Europe is especially detailed, incorporating all the essential information every family needs to know: details of welcoming restaurants nearby, opening times of local supermarkets, the location of the nearest beach, and where you can wash your clothes. Together with our carefully crafted route notes, and lists of activities and places of interest in the local area, this information will help you to make the most of your precious time together. With your every need catered for in advance, things rarely go wrong, but for peace of mind we provide a 24-hour emergency helpline.

The right holiday for you

Every family is different, with varying interests and needs. If you are unsure of the suitability of a holiday, or wish to discuss certain aspects of our family adventure holidays in more detail, our knowledgeable reservations team will be happy to help. They will also help you to tailor the arrangements to suit you – choose your travel method and route, the size of your hotel room or self-catering property, and whether or not to upgrade your hire car.