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Journeys in SlowMotion in Germany

  • Slow Motion journeys in Germany
  • Slow Motion journeys in Germany
  • Slow Motion journeys in Germany
  • Slow Motion journeys in Germany
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  • take a journey through the heart of Europe by rail
  • discover the dynamic German cities of Berlin, Leipzig & Dresden
  • trace the timeline of an historical and cultural revolution
  • seek out hidden corners & iconic sights on foot
  • cross into the Czech Republic to explore fabulous Prague


Few cities have experienced such fluctuating fortunes as those of the former East Germany, but Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden have each emerged from the cloak of the Iron Curtain to become fully rejuvenated, and are now more culturally enriching than ever.

Whether you are taking in iconic landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag in the German capital; wandering through Leipzig’s Bach Museum or glass-roofed arcades; admiring Dresden’s picturesque setting on the River Elbe; or exploring Prague, the endlessly fascinating centrepiece of the Czech Republic, on our recommended extension, you not only discern a palpable sense of history, but can also chart the highs and lows of the past while marvelling at the architectural and cultural treasures that had remained hidden behind the Iron Curtain for so long.

You are in for an enthralling trip.


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