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Holidays in Nepal


Remote, wild and beautiful, the Mid-Hills of the Nepalese Himalayas are very different to the country’s busier trekking areas, and offer an accessible and authentic Himalayan experience. Experience life in peaceful mountain villages and explore with your own local guide, spending a night in a scenic tented camp before returning to fascinating Kathmandu.

Holidays in Nepal
Holidays in Nepal

Nepal is scenery on a humbling scale

To most people, the ranges east of Kathmandu are high mountains, but, at a ‘mere’ 2,000 or so metres above sea level, in Nepal they are referred to as the Mid-Hills, dwarfed by the Himalayas and iconic Mount Everest. One thing that can’t be disputed, however, is their beauty. The steep, terraced slopes are planted with maize, orange trees, rice, buckwheat, barley, sugar cane, chilli peppers, wheat and vegetables, and dotted with stone-built villages. The forests are home to barking deer, macaque and other exotic wildlife, but the outstanding feature is the astonishing views, which stretch across ridge after ridge to the Himalayas themselves.
Few visitors come to the Mid-Hills, but this is not what makes our holidays to Nepal unique. The walking route – accessible to all fit walkers – has been designed with Village Ways, which aims to bring much needed new sources of income to remote villages.

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