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We can tailor your trip

Most tours, especially our
journeys by train, rental car
and/or boat
, are flexible. You
can choose to add extra nights,
upgrade your accommodation
where available, combine two
or more trips, add on a city
break, and more.

  • out-of-the-ordinary trips - see more, remember more
  • tailored arrangements to fit with your plans - we can arrange rail travel in Europe
  • combine two or more tours


We’ve been offering vacations since 1984 and have many years’ experience of arranging self-guided walking and biking trips – as well as self-guided journeys by train, rental car and/or boat.

We may be based in Yorkshire, England, with a large customer base in the UK, but our customers come from all over the world, particularly the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Republic of Ireland.

We pride ourselves on providing out-of-the-ordinary trips tailored to each customer’s individual requirements, wherever they are travelling from, and have won many accolades for our customer service.

Within this section you’ll find a summary of everything you need to know about Inntravel’s hiking tours, cycling trips and tours by train, rental car and/or boat (particularly useful if you’ve never travelled with us before), as well as an overview of how we can tailor our arrangements to create your perfect tour and dovetail it with any other plans you may have.

Phil WiseIf, after browsing the pages, you still have some questions, why not email Phil Wise? Based in California, Phil has taken many trips with us over the years, and will be happy to give you the low-down on travelling with Inntravel from an American perspective.

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