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      October 2013 > The Singing Christmas Tree

The Singing Christmas Tree

A singing WHAT?!...” I hear you ask. Yes, a Christmas tree that sings. Kind of.

Where?” you enquire. In Magical Gothenburg, where you can enjoy one of our 3-night breaks to see the famous Christmas Markets of Liseberg and all manner of other, seasonal treats.

What do you mean, ‘kind of’?” you say, somewhat suspiciously.

Well, it’s not an evergreen conifer fir that actually sings, if that’s what you’re thinking. I mean, that would be absurd! But it’s something almost as unusual, and ever-so-slightly crazy, in a warm-and-nuttily Swedish kind of a way. And you can see it – and indeed listen to it – right in the centre of Gothenburg in the run-up to Christmas if you get your timings right.

Take a stroll to the trickily named (but easy-to-find) Drottningtorget square in front of the festively decorated Clarion Post Hotel, and you will not only find a vintage tram which leaves for the fabulous markets of Liseberg… you will also spy a curiously triangular-shaped stage consisting of a series of benches, gradually reducing in length as they increase in height, to form the shape of (yes, you’ve guessed it) a Christmas tree.

Add the decorations in the form of 49 singing souls, their choir uniform looking like a cross between elf costumes and brightly coloured tree baubles, and you’re nearly there. Just wait for them to belt out a succession of Christmas carols into the starry night sky above Gothenburg, and the vision is complete. Something, surely, to write home about!

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