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Northern LightsWho says it’s grim ‘up north’? Not at the moment, that’s for sure! After some rather exceptional solar activity, the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, have been seen as far south as Yorkshire - as we reported back in September.

(I wish I could say I’d seen them myself, but no such luck.)

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David walking on icelandWell, here it is - David's final communication from Iceland. Linda has flown home and David has the task of driving back to southern Spain on his own. No doubt we'll hear from him again as he ventures forth on another research trip for Inntravel but, for now, this is the end of their amazing Icelandic saga...
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Whooper SwansThe next morning, we wake up to a pale blue sky and complete calm. The storm has passed. The distant landscape is still looking a bit smudged, though, which is bad news for Linda’s photography. A blue sky is bad enough for her (boring!), but combined with a hazy atmosphere... However, she consoles herself with the thought of close-up photography of waterfalls, and anyway we’re both pleased not to be walking in an ash-storm.

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Icelandic campervanMy arms are aching. I’m hanging onto the steering wheel for all I’m worth, as the van has taken on a life of its own. It’s swaying from side to side as we cross a black desert in a gale. Everywhere are whirlwinds of ash, and the mountain landscape has taken on a dark, smudged, indistinct brooding look. We are travelling out of season and experiencing weather that, luckily, the Inntravellers won’t have to put up with...
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Icelandic HorseWe have come from east to west along Iceland’s southern coast, but now we are turning round to write the holiday as Inntravellers will experience it. They will be arriving in a hire car from Reykjavik airport in the west and travelling in the opposite direction to that we've just come. So, we are about to embark on the coastal drive which will connect their two centres via the small settlement of Vik. Read the full post
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