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Self-guided walking holidays in NorwayIn Denmark, in about 935AD, a son was born to Gorm the Old and his wife Thyra Dannebod. Gorm is widely recognised as the first King of Denmark, which makes the Danish monarchy (along with that of England) the oldest in Europe. Read the full post
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This really has to be the ultimate sightseeing trip. Clambering onto an open platform and being lowered deep inside the magma chamber of a volcano. Sounds crazy perhaps – but that’s exactly what you can do in Iceland this year.

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Nothing can quite prepare you for the staggeringly beautiful natural phenomenon of the aurora borealis, the Northern Lights, as explosions of iridescent greens, pinks, yellows and blues flash and soar across the night sky in an incredible, almost surreal, display of celestial pyrotechnics. They are elusive and completely unpredictable which makes seeing them in all their glory such an exciting experience. Read the full post
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Walking holidays in EuropeHow many times have you cautiously entered a seemingly ‘ordinary’ establishment only to be treated to a gastronomic meal fit for the gods? How often do you enjoy really tasty, delicious food but have never had the opportunity to meet and thank the person – or persons – responsible? We can’t obviously mention all those passionate, hard-working people whose meals receive regular high praise from you – after all, it’s not an easy task...

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Walking holidays in EuropeWell, not really, as the magnificent volcanoes I’m alluding to are all dormant and have been for centuries. But did you know that there are, in fact, over 80 volcanoes or volcanic ‘regions’ in Europe that are classed as ‘active’? Some of them are very well-known (and very active): Etna, Vesuvius, Stromboli and, of course, the infamous Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland, but others are far harder to identify, never mind name. Read the full post
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