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      September 2013 > Yorkshire is the best place in Europe – and that’s official!

Yorkshire is the best place in Europe – and that’s official!

City breaks in EuropePeople from Yorkshire tend to think that this is the “best county” in the UK in which to live, work, rest and play. Some even go so far as to call it “God’s own country”.

And I have to admit I’m one of them (even though I was born in Devon and have lived all over the UK – including Lancashire – in the intervening years).

The landscapes are vast and varied, beautiful and breathtaking, dramatic and dreamy, timeless and traditional – I could alliterate all day…

Biased!” “Unjustified!” “What about us?” I hear you cry – well, it’s not just a proud boast from jingoistic Yorkshire folk – it’s been officially verified at the recent World Travel Awards ceremony in Turkey where Yorkshire was named “leading European destination 2013”.

The list of those who trailed in our wake reads like a ‘who’s who’ of Europe’s greatest cities – but we can certainly match whatever they’ve got:

• Barcelona has la Sagrada Família – but we have Ripon Cathedral, not to mention York Minster;

• Berlin has the Brandeburg Gate – while Barnsley has Shafton Two-Gates;

• Venice has the Grand Canal – we have the Leeds-Liverpool;

• Florence has a Statue of David – but Wakefield boasts the Yorkshire Sculpture Park;

• Istanbul has Agia Sofia and the Blue Mosque – but Dewsbury has the Markazi Masjid, one of the largest purpose-built mosques in Europe;

• Paris might have the Eiffel Tower – but we’ve got Emley Moor TV transmitter – and it’s 6m taller!;

• St Petersburg has just hosted the G8 – but the commemorative gifts presented to each world leader were designed by Huddersfield artist Phil Shaw;

• London has the Thames and its anti-flood barrier – while our iconic river is the Humber with its graceful suspension bridge;

• Rome glories in the ruins of the Colosseum – but Sheffield has the colossal Park Hill Flats, Europe’s largest listed building;

• Lisbon has its old yellow trams – but plans are afoot to reintroduce sleek new trolley buses to Leeds;

• Edinburgh has the Royal Mile – but Batley has the ‘Yorkshire Mill Mile’ comprising many former mills along Bradford Road;

• And finally, Amsterdam may have lots of bikes – but the Grand Départ of the Tour de France is coming to Yorkshire next year!

Ok – now I can take my tongue out of my cheek. I do think Yorkshire is a great place to live for many reasons, not least the fabulous walking, but if you’re a Kernowman or woman, a Lancastrian, Hebridean, Norfolkian or Caerdyddian, enjoy where you live and be proud of it.

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