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      September 2013 > First review, first impressions

First review, first impressions

self-guided walking holidays in the Canary IslandsOur first customers are now arriving home after their self-guided walking holiday on the small island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands – which was a new holiday for this year.

My colleague James has been raving about this remarkable island ever since he first went there earlier this year. He just loved it and thought it would make the perfect complement to our other popular Canary Island holidays.

It seems that his enthusiasm was not unfounded, as illustrated by Mr Keith Ambrose, the first of our customers to return and proffer his thoughts on the holiday...

"I go walking to get away from it all (wife, work, you get the picture) and this holiday fitted the bill perfectly. We didn't see anyone on the paths for three days and then when we did we only saw two couples in six hours. The weather was warm but cloudy which made it great for walking but spoiled some of the views – we waited a few minutes for a break in the cloud at the highest point on the island and it was worth it. Paths were very well marked and the trip notes were excellent. Accommodation was very good, food was tasty and sustaining without being amazing. Locals were friendly but spoke little or no English which added to the fun as my Spanish is one down from pigeon. My advice – go before the secret gets out!" [Keith Ambrose, Oakham]

self-guided walking holidays in the Canary Islands
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