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      September 2012

Walking holidays in EuropeIn the past I’ve eulogised about OS Maps which are simply the best in the world. As walkers in the UK, we’re blessed not only with marvellous maps, but also with good waymarks, whether that’s traditional wooden signposts, circular disc arrows, or reassuring cairns to mark the way.  But it’s not the same everywhere you go…

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Family walking holidays in AustriaTravel to one particular valley deep with the Austrian Alps, and each day, at five o’ clock in the afternoon, you will hear the mountains echo to the deep, dulcet tones of a large bronze bell...

This is the huge Peace Bell that hangs in a giant frame at the southern end of the village of Mösern above the spectacularly beautiful Inn valley. It is the largest open-air bell in the Alps...

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Nothing can quite prepare you for the staggeringly beautiful natural phenomenon of the aurora borealis, the Northern Lights, as explosions of iridescent greens, pinks, yellows and blues flash and soar across the night sky in an incredible, almost surreal, display of celestial pyrotechnics. They are elusive and completely unpredictable which makes seeing them in all their glory such an exciting experience. Read the full post
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Walking holidays in the Canary IslandsOne of the great joys of travel is having your prejudices and misconceptions overturned.” In her third and final memoir from her trip to the Canary Islands earlier this year, Simone Kirkup meets the king of Canarian potatoes:
After exploring Gran Canaria, La Gomera and La Palma, from where we kept getting tantalising glimpses of Mount Teide, it was exciting to finally be on Tenerife and looking forward to climbing to its summit.
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Posted: 18/09/2012 12:08:26 by Peter Williamson, Inntravel | with 1 comments

Walking holidays in FranceTerry Cudbird went on an Inntravel holiday in the Queyras, French Alps. He liked walking in France so much he decided to take off on his own for 4,000 miles! His story continues…

Part two:
The landscape of France was constantly full of surprises and its variety a never ending source of delight...

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