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      September 2011 > Andalucia to Iceland part 11: Welcome to Toy Town!

Andalucia to Iceland part 11: Welcome to Toy Town!

Gnomes show the wayAfter several days of weaving our way up through France in a leisurely fashion, we enter Belgium. We are confused – we appear to be in Britain, passing through workaday high streets of nondescript buildings.

Brussels, however, reveals some gems, including the Grand Place, where the ornate buildings which surround the square are so in keeping with each other that you feel that you are standing in the courtyard of a single immense palace.

It’s time to leave the back roads and put my foot down on the accelerator… Not many days left to catch the ferry.

Welcome to Toy Town (otherwise known as Holland)! We are in a very neat, giant garden with Legoland villages running into one another, with no spaces in between. Nothing is wild or unkempt. In the first campsite everyone is smiling and drifting around on wheels – children and adults cruise around on bikes, roller skates, skateboards and buggies. Everything is operated by a card – the showers, washing machines and – incredibly – even the dustbins! The electrical sockets and water taps for each pitch are disguised inside a plastic log, which has a little door in it. To show you what there is to eat, there are giant plastic cones of ice-cream and dancing hot-dogs, holding hands. I go for a walk and find that the waymark posts are little plastic gnomes, pointing a finger.

Holland grows on us – it’s very pretty but, after living in Spain, I think I would find the lack of large tracts of open space claustrophobic after a while. I soon miss it, however, when we hit the maelstrom of Germany. I’m sure there are many pretty parts of Germany, but the main route around Hamburg isn’t one of them. The traffic is made up of an endless line of nose-to-tail lorries, and a multitude of cranes around the docks blot out the sky. This is Transport Land.

Gnomes show the way
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